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Gold Pearls

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Golden South Sea Pearls

Golden coloured South Sea Pearls are cultivated in the Pinctada Maxima oyster principally in The Philippines, Indonesia and in creamier more champagne tones in Myanmar ( Burma ).

The colour ranges of Golden South Sea Pearls are a rich dark golden through to lighter medium gold through to a lemon, champagne, cream and white. Many of the pearls can then have overtones of rose and bronze to give them an almost metallic finish.

The closer to the equator one travels the more gold lipped the South Sea Pearl oyster named Pinctada Maxima becomes and it is the interior colour of the oyster and its geographical location that determines the colour of the pearl. When the round shell bead inserted by a pearl technician this is a catalyst to commence the culturing process,  and the oyster secretes nacre around the bead.

Golden Pearls typically average 11 to 12 millimetres in diameter and come in a variety of shapes;
round, drop, button, semi-baroque, circle-drop and circle-button and baroque.

Cultivation of Golden Pearls

The oysters typically hang in baskets or panels of six to twelve suspended off a long rope line for a cycle of two years. They are brought to the surface regularly for cleaning so they can open and feed on the many nutrients in the open sea water. Oysters are turned over in their net panel homes to maximise the possibility of uniform nacre growth.

Farming and cultivating these magnificent gems working in harmony with Mother Nature is very labour intensive and requires numerous workers to care for the oysters throughout the culturing process. Once harvested the gold pearl crop is sorted by size, shape, colour, lustre and prepared for the market to make our finest jewellery like our gold pearl pendants.

These golden and cream pearls often have a  wondrous iridescence, the rainbow play of colours and lustre visible on the outer surface of the pearl, as it is in a polished Mother of Pearl shell. Although we describe their colour as gold or cream they also often have additional colours such as rose and pink and sometimes green adding extra dimension and colour and lustre.

Gold Pearl Jewellery

Pearl farmers in the Philippines, Indonesia and Myanmar (Burma) usually sell their pearls to wholesalers in auctions in Hong Kong held at the same time as the four annual jewellery fairs. Hong Kong is the easiest place to do the business up until 2020 that is, because of its location and duty free status. Wholesalers, Necklace makers, Manufacturing jewellers and retailers buy the golden and cream pearls for preparation for the market where ultimately they will be transformed into straight golden pearl necklaces, or other pearl jewellery. Our pearl earrings and pearl pendants, come in a range of styles and sizes that work beautifully for any occasion. Additionally, enhancers, gold pearl rings and gold pearl bracelets are perfect for gifts for your loved ones.

Golden and Cream pearl jewellery is magnificent! The Golden South Sea pearl is the national gem of The Philippines labelled The Queen of Gems. Indonesia is also a proud exporter of golden and cream coloured pearls along with Myanmar.

A great accompaniment to a golden pearl earring or golden pearl pendant is a golden pearl bracelet. Alternatively, view our rose gold pearl earrings. If simplicity is more your style we have a range of simple gold earrings that have unique shapes and colours like our pearl hoop earrings.