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Pearl Rings

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South Sea Pearl Rings

Pearl rings were traditionally the favoured engagement ring in Japan. Today pearl rings are worn as an expression of ultimate elegance and luxury.

Our South Sea Pearl rings range from contemporary simple designs to bold elaborate statement pieces.

Our pearl rings are all made in by our in house jewellery team. If there is a design you like but you would prefer a different colour pearl, or shape or size please contact us to discuss these options.

We mostly use round shaped pearls and button shaped pearls in our rings, and occasionally baroque shaped pearls. Whatever your preference of size, shape, or colour is a personal choice, but we always say choose a pearl of high lustre and the more lustre your pearl in your ring has the thicker the coating of nacreous pearl 8layers you will own.

We often surround our pearls in rings with diamonds and or coloured stones, but the pearl rings set simply in gold or silver are very desirable also.

A pearl ring is a magnificent addition to a jewellery collection.

View our pearl and diamond ring range.