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Gold Pearl Necklaces

The creation of a gold pearl necklace commences with sourcing the world’s best gold pearls. When creating a gold pearl necklace, one wants to match the colour, the lustre and the shapes of the pearls once the size of the necklace has been determined.

At Aquarian Pearls, we source the golden pearls we use to create a natural colour gold pearl necklace from The Philippines. We only use gold pearls of natural colour and natural lustre. The golden pearl necklace is made up of pearls cultivated in the Philippines domiciled Pinctada Maxima oyster, renowned for the depth of colour in the golden lip variety of oyster that yields colours of light champagne, cream, yellow and gold.

The gold can be rich and deep with a metallic greenish or pinkish tint that enhances the pearls natural lustre. Lustre is the shine the pearl gives off and the more nacreous layers of pearl the host oyster deposits the more lustrous the pearl.

At Aquarian Pearls we have chosen to position ourselves at the top of the market and deal with high end retailers who demand high quality, natural colour, high lustre and clean or near cleaned skins plus strong and clear colours in the pearls they choose to stock.

The demand for a golden pearl necklace compared to a white pearl necklace or a Tahitian black pearl necklace has grown in the past twenty years as the fisheries have developed to accommodate the market. As well as from the Philippines, Aquarian Pearls also sources some golden pearls from Burma and Indonesia and occasionally from Australia and all cultured south sea pearl producing countries.

lady modelling a gold pearl necklace
woman modelling gold pearl necklace

South Sea Golden Pearl Necklaces

light gold baroque pearl necklace

About Our Gold Pearl Necklaces

In choosing your golden pearl necklace, first you must decide what size and shape of gold pearl you would like. The majority of pearls in a golden pearl necklace are 10, 11 and 12 millimetre pearls in diameter. Uniform gold pearl necklaces which are all straight sizes can be 9, 10 , 11 or 12 and sometimes 13 millimetres in size but all one of these size . A graduated gold pearl necklace is typically 9 – 11 millimetres, or 10-13 mm, or 11-13/14 mm. The usual shapes are round, near round, drop or oval shape, button shape, and circle drop or circle button shape. The circle pearls have concentric lines around them formed during their cultivation time. The gold pearl necklace ideally will be made up of pearls matched for colour and tone of colour, lustre , and also matched or graded for skin quality. Most gold pearls have some marks on them and the cleanest of all by far the most valuable. It is not essential to have only clean pearls in your gold pearl necklace. It is a matter of budget and preference. We do recommend that you never compromise on lustre though and the brighter the pearl the more nacre it carries and a gold pearl necklace of stunning lustre and beautiful rich gold colour is a marvellous statement piece of jewellery that every high end retail jeweller likes to carry if they specialise in pearls.

The largest gold pearl necklace we have in our Aquarian Pearls’ stock is perfectly round, deep golden in colour and measures 14.8 to 18.8 millimetres in graduated sizes, a magnificent specimen of a round golden pearl necklace.

Whatever your budget and size preference and shape preference, if you are searching for a gold pearl necklace. At Aquarian Pearls we have one to suit you or can easily source one for you.