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Silver Jewellery

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Silver Pearl Jewellery

From classic pearl earrings to statement necklaces and delicate bracelets, silver pearl jewelry offers a versatile range of options to suit every taste and preference. Whether worn as a standalone piece for a touch of understated glamour or layered with other silver accessories for a more dramatic effect, silver pearl jewellery never fails to make a lasting impression.

Origins of Silver Pearl Jewellery

The ancient Egyptians worked with silver as money and ornamentally in jewellery over 3500 years ago and ancient cultures of India, China and Japan and Europe all worked with silver. There is a long history of belief systems surrounding the healing alchemical powers of silver, gold, pearls and gemstones and certain metals. Silver is a wonderful medium to work with in jewellery production and much more affordable than gold.

Silver Pearl Sets

At Aquarian Pearls we have created a line of silver pearl sets using beautiful button shaped pearls set in pure silver to be worn as rings, and also silver set cultured south sea pearl pendants hanging on silver chains, that utilise beautiful drop and oval shaped pearls cultivated in Australia, French Polynesia, and The Philippines.


Our Silver Pearl Jewellery

Silver Pearl Earrings

Silver pearl earrings and studs are also very popular, again less money needs to be spent on the setting and more money can be spent on the finest pearls. In pearl studs we like to use button shaped flatter pearls almost the shape of flying saucers and these sit flush against the ear love, making a classic, timeless ever fashionable, elegant piece of jewellery for your pearl collection. Our silver pearl drop earrings are also great for a simple piece that can still provide a statement.

Silver Pearl Necklaces

Crafted from lustrous sterling silver and adorned with pearls, these pearl necklaces are timeless accessories that can elevate any ensemble. The fusion of silver and pearls creates a captivating contrast, showcasing the natural beauty of both elements. Whether worn casually with a simple blouse or paired with a formal evening gown, silver pearl necklaces add a touch of refinement to any look.

Care & Maintenance

Silver pearls can be worn and used to improve blood circulation and alleviate symptoms of arthritis and joint inflammations so not only is it a beautiful metal and highly affordable, but also extremely good for human beings overall wellbeing on several levels, beyond mere adornment.

Some people are allergic to silver and it does tarnish easily, but a jewellers trick is to clean silver items in a solution of bicarbonate of soda /baking soda that cleans up silver very well.

Whatever your silver pearl preferences, we have a wide variety at Aquarian Pearls on our online store.