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Gold Pearl Rings

At Aquarian Pearls we have seen a consistent demand for golden pearl jewellery, notably gold pearl rings, along with golden pearl pendants, bracelets and necklaces. Today we will focus on that staple of a gold pearl jewellery collection, the gold pearl ring.

When choosing and selecting a gold pearl ring, the following criteria apply; colour, size, shape, lustre and cleanliness of skin.

The colour of the golden pearl in a gold pearl ring can range from champagne, cream, light gold, through to strong dark gold.. The Philippines is the major source of golden cultured south sea pearls where pearl cultivators work in harmony with nature, seeding the magnificent Pinctada Maxima oyster with shell bead nuclei stimulating the oyster to deposit nacre in layers around the bead and thus producing pearls.

The golden lipped oysters native to the Philippines rest in rich and clean nutrient filled salt water and every two years lustrous gold pearls are harvested from these oysters and then the oysters can be re-seeded to continue to grow pearls.

As stated earlier, the colour range of gold for a golden pearl ring can range from champagne to cream to light gold to darker gold. For your gold pearl ring the colour is entirely a personal matter of choice and there is not a better or worse colour, however the market pays a premium for the darkest gold and at Aquarian Pearls we like to make a lot of dark gold pearl rings as well as champagne or cream rose coloured pearl rings.

Burma (Myanmar) is also a wonderful source for pearls and was the first country after Japan to offer cultured pearls to the world. A Burmese gold pearl ring is often a beautiful cream or champagne colour with strong natural pink overtones. Darker gold pearl rings can also be created using Burmese pearls.

Indonesia is also major pearl producer and at Aquarian Pearls we also source some champagne and gold coloured pearls from Indonesian pearl farms.

gold pearl ring
woman modelling gold pearl rings

South Sea Gold Pearl Rings


More About Gold Pearls

In choosing a gold pearl ring, the next criteria to choose from is size. Typically gold pearls are 11 and 12 millimetres in diameter, though Aquarian Pearls has created gold pearl rings up to 18 millimetres and we start making gold pearl rings with 9 millimetre sizes.

Regarding shape, the most frequently used shapes in gold pearl rings are perfectly Round or Button shapes. Within the pearl business we are so lucky that in golden pearls nature gives us the following shapes; round, semi round, oval, drop, button, circle, semi baroque and baroque.

A gold pearl ring featuring a beautiful round pearl set in brilliant sparkling white diamonds is a beautiful piece of jewellery as is, a gold pearl ring set with sapphires or other precious stones.

As for the lustre of the gold pearl in your gold pearl ring, we say …Never compromise on lustre. The more layers of nacre on your pearl, the thicker the pearl coating, then the more lustrous your pearl will be and a very high lustre gold pearl ring is a beautiful item to wear and possess.

And lastly cleanliness of skin. The majority of pearls used to make gold pearl jewellery and hence gold pearl rings have clean skins or very slight blemishes. The skin of a pearl is easily visible to the naked eye and when selecting a gold pearl ring, try to purchase one as clean skinned as possible.

A gold pearl in a gold pearl ring like all cultured pearls is very strong and so long as its surface is not hurt by a knife or sharp object it is very durable. We do advise to keep your pearls away from perfume and spray and chemicals and better to take off you gold pearl ring when washing your hands in hot water so the glue holding it on the pin on the ring does not loosen in time..

We at Aquarian Pearls wish you well in selecting your gold pearl ring and are certain it will be a marvellous addition or starter piece to your pearl collection! Welcome to the world of golden pearls!