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Pearl Cord Bracelets

Our Resort Range is colourful, casual and affordable; fashion Pearl Jewellery.

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Cord Pearl Bracelets

Theses South Sea Pearl cord bracelets are simple yet stylish. The adjustable pull cord makes them easy to wear and put on and will fit a large range of wrist sizes. These cord bracelets are made from Paracord, and are extremely hardy; Paracord bracelets are traditionally used by survivalist, and when they get into trouble can use the extra length on Paracord in these style of bracelets to help with tying, fishing and medical applications to name a few. Our cord bracelets use this same cord, which makes them extremely strong and can be worn in the water and everyday without worrying about them breaking.

The cord bracelets showcase the beauty of South Sea Pearls simply, and can be paired with any outfit to create a sophisticated look. They also can be stacked in a colourful mix to create a more boho vibe.