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Pearl Cord Bracelets

Our Resort Range is colourful, casual and affordable; fashion Pearl Jewellery.

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Cord Pearl Bracelets

These South Sea Pearl cord bracelets are simple yet stylish. The adjustable pull cord makes them easy to wear and put on and will fit a large range of wrist sizes. These cord bracelets are made from Paracord, and are extremely hardy; Paracord bracelets are traditionally used by survivalists, and when they get into trouble can use the extra length on Paracord in these style of bracelets to help with tying, fishing and medical applications to name a few. Our cord bracelets use this same cord, which makes them extremely strong and can be worn in the water and everyday without worrying about them breaking.

These pearl bracelets showcase the beauty of South Sea Pearls simply, and can be paired with any outfit to create a sophisticated look. They also can be stacked in a colourful mix to create a more boho vibe.

Our Pearl Cord Bracelets

Cord pearl bracelets are a captivating fusion of classic elegance and modern chic, seamlessly blending the timeless allure of pearls with the contemporary trend of adjustable cord jewellery. These unique accessories have gained popularity for their versatility, making them suitable for both casual and formal occasions. As fashion evolves, cord pearl bracelets stand out as a testament to the enduring charm of pearls, reimagined in a fresh and dynamic way. Pearl cord bracelets often feature a more subdued and masculine design, incorporating darker hues and larger pearls. This adaptation allows men to enjoy the classic elegance of pearls while maintaining a style that aligns with their preferences. Aquarian Pearls also sells other mens jewellery such as necklaces that can be styled with these pieces.

Origins of Pearl Cord Bracelets

Pearls, with their natural lustre and timeless allure, have been prized for centuries. The use of pearls in jewellery can be traced back to ancient civilizations, where they were symbols of wealth, purity, and elegance. Over time, various cultures have incorporated pearls into their ornamentation, showcasing their beauty in necklaces, earrings, and, of course, bracelets. While traditional pearl jewellery was often associated with formal occasions, the introduction of cord bracelets brought pearls into everyday wear. This evolution in design reflects a shift in fashion towards more accessible luxury, allowing individuals to enjoy the sophistication of pearls in a relaxed setting.

Styling Pearl Cord Bracelets

Mix and match different colours, sizes, and materials like leather or metallic accents to create a visually captivating ensemble. For a touch of elegance, consider pairing a pearl cord bracelet with a complementary watch, or other silver jewellery that holds sentimental value. The versatility of adjustable designs allows for experimentation, enabling you to wear them at varying lengths.

Pearl Cord Bracelets Australia Wide!

At Aquarian Pearls, we look forward to welcoming you in store to aid you in search of some pearl bracelets or please visit our website at and shop pearl cord bracelets Australia wide!