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Baroque Pearls

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South Sea Baroque Pearls

A baroque pearl is often seen as the modern alternative to the classic pearl. The term Baroque Pearl refers to any shape of pearl that is not regular, such as round, drop or button. The baroque shape is made by the oyster unevenly depositing the nacre around the nucleus of the pearl. Every baroque pearl is unique in its shape and size and often has a very organic look to it. These freeform shape make them extremely popular in modern jewellery design, and in high demand among designers.

The Beauty of Baroque Pearls

The allure of baroque pearls lies in their natural and unrefined beauty. Each pearl exhibits its own personality, with no two pearls ever identical. Their irregular shapes and organic textures imbue them with a sense of character and charm. This inherent uniqueness makes baroque pearls a favourite among jewellery designers and collectors alike, as they offer endless possibilities for creative expression and artistic interpretation.

Baroque Pearl Jewellery

Baroque pearl jewellery celebrates the individuality and versatility of these extraordinary gems. From statement pearl necklaces adorned with large, dramatic pearls to delicate earrings featuring smaller, more subtle pearls, baroque pearl jewellery spans a wide spectrum of styles and designs. The irregular shapes of baroque pearls lend themselves beautifully to asymmetrical compositions and organic motifs, allowing designers to create pieces that are both bold and elegant.

Keshi Pearls

A form of Baroque Pearl is the Keshi Pearl. A Keshi Pearl is produced by the oyster rejecting the nucleus or seed that has been inserted in to oyster as part of the pearl culturing process. However, once the seed is rejected the oyster continues to make layers of nacre and produce a pearl. The Keshi Pearl therefore is mainly composed of nacre, producing a pearl extremely high in lustre, and are the most appreciated baroque pearls available.

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