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Gold Pearl Earrings

At Aquarian Pearls we love to produce and supply the trade and our private clients with golden pearl earrings.

Gold pearl earrings are put together utilising magnificent natural coloured golden cultured south sea pearls cultivated in The Philippines.

Matching golden pearls for pairs of golden pair earrings we must sort through the harvests and find the pearls twin or closest, resembling its sister pearl.

Matching for colour, size, shape, lustre, and complexion.

The colour range of the Philippines pearls goes from light cream, slight champagne, through to yellow, light gold and then stronger darker gold. Cultivated in the Pinctada Maxima oyster in the nutrient rich and oh so clean and pure sea waters in the Philippine archipelago. The colours of the pearls used to make up your golden pearl earrings are entirely natural, and the most sought after seems to be the darker gold.

Burma ( Myanmar ) also is home to farms cultivating golden south sea pearls and the colour range of these pearls is also from lighter shades of cream through to dark gold.

The size of your golden pearl earrings is a personal matter and typical sizes of the majority of golden pearl earrings measures 10/11/12/and 13 millimetres.

lady modelling a gold pearl necklace

South Sea Gold Pearl Earrings

gold pearl studs
12-13mm Golden South Sea Oval Pearls on Pave Hooks

More About Gold Pearls

Next we look at the shape of the golden pearl earrings. The shapes most popular in golden pearl earrings are rounds and semi rounds and drops and ovals. We also occasionally use baroque shaped golden pearls in our pairs of golden pearl earrings.

Button shaped golden pearls also are very useful and popular the way they sit flat against the ear lobe and are not as heavy on the ears as full rounds.

Full round and semi round golden pearl earrings are a beautiful statement piece of jewellery and whether plain or surrounded by a halo of diamonds or coloured stones, they are very elegant and statuesque.

Ovals and drops make for beautiful dangling golden pearl earrings and the length of the pearl which is always longer vertically than the horizontal measurement in an oval or drop pearl.

Golden keshi pearls are very beautiful indeed, and are made up entirely of nacre being a bi product of the culturing process , whereby the host oyster spits out or rejects the nucleus but carries on secreting nacre and making a pearl, and these golden Keshi’s come in button and drop and baroque and round shapes and are typically anywhere from 3 millimetres to 10 millimetres in size and come in a beautiful rich golden colour and when set with gold and or diamonds make a beautiful pair of golden pearl earrings.

Next when selecting and matching pearls for our golden pearl earrings we must match the lustre. The brighter the pearl’s lustre, the more thickly coated with nacre the pearl is and so we cannot choose one golden pearl that is duller than the other however well they match for size and shape and colour.

The same issue is at stake in matching the pair of pearls when it comes to the surface skin or complexion of the pearls matched for the golden pearl earrings. Each pearl must be as clean surfaced or slight or heavy spotting.

Plain settings such as studs and shepherd hooks without diamonds make for beautiful sets of golden pearl earrings.

Golden pearl earrings are a magnificent and beautiful piece of jewellery and will soon become a favourite in your jewellery collection.