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Rhodonite Bracelets

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Rhodonite Bracelets

Rhodonite is a manganese inosilicate, it has a natural rose-red colour, often verging towards brownish red because of surface oxidisation. Rhodonite can contain manganese, iron, calcium and sometimes zinc. Rhodonite’s colours range from cotton candy to neon pink shades. The name Rhodonite derives from the ancient Greek word, Rhodos meaning red.

First discovered in the Ural mountains of Russia in the 1790’s, it became a talisman for babies, travellers and Nobles. Rhodonite has also been found in Sweden and Brazil, Mexico, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Canada, Australia, Chile, Peru, Japan, Tanzania, and in California, Colorado, Montana, New Jersey and Massachusetts within The United States.

Rhodonite is currently the official gemstone of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and was declared the National gemstone of Russia in pre revolution 1913

Rhodonite is credited in healing circles with helping treat emphysema and arthritis, treating emotional shock and panic attacks, assisting in connecting one’s heart and mind, balances yin and yang, and grounds one’s spiritual practices. A stone of compassion, it is said to clear away emotional scars and wounds of the past.