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Tigers Eye Bracelets

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Tiger’s Eye Bracelets

Tiger’s Eye bracelets are in constant demand and are amongst the most sought after in our elastic pearl and gemstone bracelet collection at Aquarian pearls.

Tiger’s Eyes is a chatoyant gemstone that is usually a metamorphic rock with a golden reddish brown colour and is a member of the quartz family. Tiger’s Eye is composed chiefly of silicone dioxide and receives its colours from the iron oxide in its chemical composition. Mined primarily in south Africa and Australia, Tiger’s Eye is also mined in Burma, India, Namibia, Brazil, Canada, china and The United states of America, South Korea and Spain.

Tiger’s Eye and pearl  bracelets at Aquarian pearls come in 10 millimeter round beads with a 12 millimeter Australian south sea cultured  pearl strung on elastic for ease of wear. Typically strung to nineteen centimeters length or seven and a half inches, we can custom make your Tiger’s Eye bracelet to a different length should you prefer it.

Tiger’s Eye bracelets are worn traditionally in some societies to ward off the evil eye and Tiger’s Eye gemstones are said to have the following healing properties.

Fortifies the blood and supports vitality and robust health.

Grounds the senses and assists in gaining equilibrium and balance in Life.

Aids mental clarity, reduces cravings, and increases will power.

One of the most popular in our beaded gemstone and pearl bracelet line, we wish you well to wear your Tiger’s Eye and pearl bracelet.