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Amazonite Bracelets

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Amazonite Bracelets

Amazonite also known as Amazonstone is a naturally green tectosilicate mineral from a polymorphic rock. Given its name from stones thought to originate by the river Amazon in South America, Archaeologists have found amazonite in ancient sites dating back two thousand years to Mesopotamia and Egypt. Described as a beautiful crystallized variety of the colour bright verdigris-green, Amazonite is used in our Aquarian Pearls elastic pearl bracelets with 12 millimetre circled button shape pearls for its blues and greens.

Gigantic rocks of Amazonite can be found in Russia, China, Libya, Mongolia, South Africa and within the United States notably in Colorado, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Amazonite is noted in healing circles for relieving muscle spasms, soothes emotional trauma, and promotes creativity.