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Drop Pearl Earrings

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South Sea Drop Pearl Earrings

Aquarian Pearls has an extensive range of pearl drop earrings. Handmade in our Sydney studio, using only the finest of South Sea Pearls. Drop Pearl Earrings are a glamorous addition to any wardrobe, and are the perfect accessory for a Wedding, or any special occasion. Read about our pearl wedding earrings here!

Our drop pearl earrings feature many styles, from simple gold or silver hooks, to multi pearl clusters to pearls matched with bright precious and semi-precious gemstones set in a cluster or as a single stone to perfectly compliment their natural beauty. Drop and oval shaped pearls make up roughly ten to fifteen per cent of a pearl harvest. Australian, Indonesian, Phillipine and Burmese south sea pearls tend to be oval shaped, whereas Tahitian pearls are more tear dropped shaped. No matter where your pearls are from, you can shop our pearl earrings Australia wide.

Our Drop Pearl Earrings

Whatever your colour or size preference or choice of pearls, lustre is the most important quality in your earrings and cleanliness of skin, the better the lustre, the better and thicker the coating of nacre of your pearls. Our gold pearl earrings have the perfect finish to accessorise your ears in style.

Gold Pearl Drop Earrings

Gold pearl drop earrings offer timeless elegance and versatility in accessorising. Gold, with its warm and luxurious hue, adds a touch of sophistication to the classic pearl design. The combination of radiant gold and lustrous pearls creates a beautiful contrast, making these earrings suitable for both formal events and everyday wear.

Silver and Pearl Drop Earrings

On the other hand, silver and pearl drop earrings exude a cool and contemporary charm. The silver setting complements the pearls with a sleek and modern appeal. The combination of silver and pearls offers a versatile accessory that can effortlessly transition from day to night. For nightime wear, you could also choose from our pearl and diamond drop earrings!

Baroque Pearl Drop Earrings

Baroque pearl drop earrings bring a distinctive and unique flair to traditional pearl jewellery. Unlike perfectly round pearls, baroque pearls are irregularly shaped, showcasing organic and asymmetrical forms. This irregularity adds an artistic and one-of-a-kind quality to the pearl drop earrings, making them a popular choice!

The History of Pearl Drop Earrings

Drop pearl earrings have been in vogue for centuries, famed in portraits of The Elizabethans and immortalised by Vermeer in his portrait of Girl with a pearl earring, always a favourite of Royalty, stars of the entertainment industry, politicians, and ladies and gentleman of style.

Whether adorned with lustrous Akoya pearls, or exotic Tahitian or South Sea pearls, each design carries its unique charm. The gentle movement of the pearls adds an element of grace, catching the light and drawing attention to the wearer’s face.

Shop Pearl Dangle Earrings Australia Wide

At Aquarian Pearls we have so many unique designs, from long pearl drop earrings to black pearl earrings. Pearl dangle earrings are a classic and elegant accessory that adds a touch of sophistication to any ensemble. Typically featuring a single or multiple pearls suspended from a hook or stud, these earrings offer a graceful and timeless design. The options are endless with our pearl dangle earrings!

View our pearl cluster drop earrings.

If drop pearl earrings are not your style, Aquarian Pearls have a wide range of pearl earrings to choose from with endless options for colours, styles and shapes. Shop the full range of pearl earrings here.