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Onyx Bracelets

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Onyx Bracelets

Pearl onyx bracelets are amongst the most sought after in our elastic pearl and gemstone bracelet collection at Aquarian pearls.

Very similar to Agate, Onyx is essentially a banded variety of the silicate mineral chalcedony. While agate has curved bands, onyx has parallel bands. Most commonly, specimens of onyx have black and or white bands of colour. Onyx has also been used to describe varieties of alabaster, marble and obsidian and opal.

Black onyx is the most commonly used in jewellery. Onyx is found  in Argentina, Mexico, Brazil  Uruguay, Peru, Madagascar, Afghanistan, India, China, Canada, Germany, Czech republic, the UK, Indonesia, Yemen and The United States of America.

Onyx comes from the Latin meaning claw or fingernail .  In the ancient world the Romans and Greeks used onyx for hardstone carvings and producing cabochon beads as well as engraved gems. Ancient Egyptians used onyx to make bowls and other pottery items. Onyx has been used as the material from which to carve plinths for objects d’art and carvings and sculptures. Pliny the Elder in the first century AD described the use of Onyx in his work Naturalis Historia.

Since ancient times Onyx is believed to absorb negative energy and the more negativity absorbed the darker the crystals become as the belief goes. Cleopatra was said to wear black onyx for its protective qualities. Sending negative energy, the crystal would vibrate, alerting the Queen to potential danger.

Onyx is said to heal headaches, give relief to the wearer from overwhelm, fear and anxiety. It is said to heal old traumas and injuries, help with mental focus and grounding.

Very popular and stylish, we wish you well to wear your onyx and pearl bracelet.