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Gold Pearl Bracelets

A gold pearl bracelet is made up of around 7.5 inches of beautiful Philippine cultured pearls cultivated within the Pinctada Maxima oyster. Indonesia also produces a beautiful selection of golden pearls as does Burma, which was the first country after Japan to produce south sea cultured pearls.

To create a gold pearl bracelet one selects pearls of similar size and lustre and shape from the south sea pearl harvest. Usually 7 to 8 inches in length or 19 centimetres / 21 centimetres.

A gold pearl bracelet composed of 9 to 11 mm button shape or drop shape or round shaped pearls is beautiful, a bracelet comprised of circle pearls is also very popular. About 20 per cent of a pearl harvest has circle lines all the way around each pearl and typically comes in round, button and drop shapes. They are often extremely bright and are very popular in pearl jewellery making. At Aquarian Pearls we produce a beautiful range of gold pearl bracelets for our clients.

woman modelling gold pearl rings

Our Gold Pearl Bracelets

The smallest gold pearl bracelets we have created at Aquarian Pearls have been made using Keshi pearls from The Philippines. Keshi are the non-nucleated pearls the oyster yields having rejected the shell nucleus implanted within it to start the culturing process but making a pearl anyway, and Keshi pearls usually measure between 3 and 10 millimetres in diameter though smaller and bigger do occur and are famed for their lustre and beautiful exterior skin quality and in the case of the Keshi from the Philippines are if a beautiful rich natural golden colour. Gold pearl bracelets made out of golden Keshi pearls are exquisite and rare and also very popular.

The largest gold pearl bracelet we have created at Aquarian Pearls measured between 16 and 18 millimetres in diameter and we put the gold pearl bracelet together using large button shaped circled pearls of natural gold colour and beautiful lustre. The Philippines produces the largest quantity and the best quality naturally golden coloured cultured south sea pearls and they are a joy to work with.

A more every day size and the average of the Philippine’s golden pearl harvest is 9/10/11 and 12 millimetres and so we often create gold pearl bracelets in these sizes with particular care to matching size and shape and colour and luster.

The pearls we use in these gold pearl bracelets are mostly button circled or drop shaped circled pearls. These pearls have concentric circular lines around them and about 15 to 20 per cent of a pearl harvest will have circled pearls in a variety shapes.

At Aquarian Pearls we value lustre and depth of colour as the most important two virtues in constructing and matching and creating a golden pearl bracelet. Bracelets have been in strong demand and amongst the highest selling item on our Aquarian Pearls website.