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Rose Gold Pearl Earrings

Rose gold pearl earrings have increased in popularity in the last few years as have sales of rose gold watches and rose gold jewellery in general.

Rose gold pearl earrings are readily available on our Aquarian Pearls website in a number of styles.

The pearls we use in our rose earrings are Tahitian blacks, Australian whites and Philippine golden coloured pearls. All south sea pearls, black Tahitian pearls and Broome pearls , all cultured in ether Pinctada Maxima shells or in Pinctada Margeitifera shells.

The shapes of the pearls set in our rose gold pearl earrings are rounds, drops, buttons, semi baroques, circle drops, and baroques.

Some of our rose gold earrings have diamonds set on them to add sparkle and some of our rose gold pearl earrings are plainly set in just the rose gold. There are simple shepherd hooks, plain studs =, more elaborate gold and diamond set earrings, hoop styles and many more.

The gold in rose gold pearl earrings is a mixture of yellow gold, copper and silver. Rose gold has become so popular and goes well with silver and yellow gold jewellery.

Pink Tourmaline & Rose Gold Cluster Pearl Earrings

About Our Rose Gold Earrings

We see a high demand for white Australian drop or oval shaped south sea pearls in our rose gold pearl earrings. We also sell a lot of golden coloured pearls set in rose gold.

Correct matching of the pearls featured in our range is very important, and the cultured pearls and south sea pearls set in rose gold need to be matched for size, shape, colour and lustre and complexion. The five virtues of pearls.

In matching the pearls to be manufactured and crafted into rose gold pearl earrings, size is the simplest requirement to fulfill as we use micrometre gauges show us the specific measurements of the pearls and we allow a variation of 0.3 millimetres with a maximum 0.5 millimetres between the two pearls making up our pairs to be set in our rose gold pearl earrings.

Every pearl is unique and in salt water Japanese akoya cultured pearls, Broome Pearls, and South Sea pearls and Tahitian pearls, there is only one pearl produced by each oyster in a specific growth cycle, around one year for Japanese akoya, one year for Tahitian pearls using Pinctada Margaritifera oysters and two years for Australian and other pearl producing countries in the South Sea cultured pearl cultivating business using Pinctada Maxima oysters. Hence there needs to be a bit of latitude in matching pearls in all these five virtues but we are exacting as possible, and one needs to work through up to one thousand pearls at a time to create one exceptional pair that matches well enough satisfactorily for the market.

Colour matching and lustre matching and shape matching and skin quality matching are all a part of the process to make a pair of rose gold pearl earrings and so that explains why we sometimes need one thousand pearls to select from to make up one pair. The process is even harder when making pairs of Tahitian cultured pearls since there are so many tones and colours within one Tahitian pearl, a true example of rainbow iridescence, the colour play that gives us blues, greens, pinks, silvers, and all manner of colours.

With the extreme rise in popularity of rose gold in the jewellery business in the last twenty years, being crafted into rose gold rings, love bracelets, watches, as necklaces and earrings, bracelets and bangles, spectacle frames, headpieces, the list goes on and on, we are delighted at Aquarian Pearls to have increased our in house manufacture of rose gold pearl rings, rose gold pearl pendants, rose gold pearl enhancers, rose gold pearl necklaces, rose gold pearl bracelets and rose gold pearl earrings.