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Pearl Dangle Earrings

At Aquarian Pearls, pearl dangle earrings are a perennial bestseller in our range of pearl earrings.

Pearl Dangle earrings refer to the dropping down of the earring from the ear lobe, a very stylish pearl earring design, always elegant and always in fashion.

Perfect for evening or day wear, our earrings come in a variety of styles and sizes and colours of pearl and gold, can be with diamonds or coloured stones as a way of adding colour and glamour, or be simple and elegant and all pearl and fitting.

Drop pearl earrings are the most popular. Mother Nature gives us perfect oval and tear drop shaped pearls in the south sea pearl productions of Tahiti, French Polynesia, The Cook Islands, Australia, Indonesia, Burma, and The Philippines, China in freshwater pearl production and Japan in Akoya pearl production.

In pearl cultivation, a round shell nucleus is placed within the body of the host oyster causing it to secrete nacre around the bead and create a pearl. This process was first made famous and commercially successful by Kokichi Mikimoto in Japan at the beginning of the Nineteenth century.

Many pearl oysters yield round and off round pearls in pearl cultivation, and at least ten per cent of a pearl harvest is oval or teardrop or baroque drop shape, ideal for pearl dangle earrings.

The pearls in your dangle earrings do not have to be drop or oval shaped, in fact all shapes and styles and sizes of pearls will work when creating your custom made earrings.

South Sea Pearl Dangle Earrings

White South Sea Pearls set on Yellow Gold Diamond Stud Drop Earrings
Triple Drop pearl Earrings
11mm Diamond Set Yellow Gold Lever Back Earrings
13mm South Sea Pearl & Marque Diamond Earrings

More About Our Pearl Earrings

Pearl dangle earrings can be a much larger pearl than an earring worn on the ear lobe, someone with small ear lobes can wear a 14mm drop as a dangle pearl ear rings. The dangle pearl earring can be a more formal look for an evening out set with diamonds or gemstones or it can be a classic look for everyday wear. Dangle pearl earrings can sit just below the ear lobe or can be 7 cm long, such as in our gemstone cluster dangle pearl earrings. The can gently swing from the ear or have free movement to jiggle with every movement of the head.

The majority of our white south sea pearls in these pearl earrings are cultivated in Australia.

Two years in the host oysters, dangle white pearl earrings are lustrous and luminous, and of the highest quality.

Circled pearl dangle earrings are always a bestseller amongst Australians. Circle pearls usually are drop or oval shaped or button shaped and are lustrous and thickly coated with nacre and are very reasonably priced compared to perfectly round shaped pearls, and so make excellent and well priced earrings.

Circled pearl earrings also come in golden colours and black pearl colours. Hugely popular, the concentric rings around circled pearls add to their uniqueness and their lustre, and whatever your colour preference, will make a valuable addition to your jewellery collection.

If you prefer golden pearl dangle earrings, we have a beautiful range of options set with Burmese and Philippine gold and champagne coloured pearls. Cultivated in golden lipped south sea pearl Pinctada Maxima oysters, the pearls are round, drop, oval, circled drop, circled button, button, semi baroque, and baroque in shapes. There are also golden Keshi pearls available. The golden colours range from champagne to light yellow to darker golden. Set in yellow gold, platinum, silver, or white gold, golden pearl earrings like their white or black Tahitian pearl counterparts, are such an elegant jewellery statement of style and elegance,

Aquarian Pearls sells a very significant quantity of Tahitian pearl jewellery. French Polynesia and The Cook Islands produce beautiful black pearls in a variety of hues – greens, blues, silvers, peacock, pistachio, cherry red, aubergine or eggplant, and straight black like an old fashioned Bakelite telephone, a rainbow assortment of colours. Tahitian pearls are just as elegant as white or golden pearl earrings.

Tahitian pearl dangle earrings are popular worldwide and add a touch of class and elegance to any outfit worn day or night.

Akoya pearls are also very popular and offer a smaller slightly smaller version of a set of dangle pearl earrings compared to south sea pearl earrings.

Whereas south sea pearls are typically 9-18 millimetres and average 10/11/12 millimetres when used in the manufacture of pearl dangle earrings, akoya cultured pearls average 6 millimetres and size from 3 to 10 millimetres in diameter.

A high selling item at Aquarian Pearls is a natural coloured blue akoya pearl set on a chain of silver or white gold with two 7 or 8 millimetre drop baroque pearls dangling down. An alternative to akoya pearl studs, the akoya pearl dangle earring is light on your ear lobe and a popular fashion statement.

Keshi pearl dangle earrings in Tahitian, Philippine gold, or Australian white or silver are also very popular. Keshi pearls are the natural bi-product of the culturing process and always highly lustrous being pure nacre with no nucleus. Often baroque, semi-baroque, or drop shapes, these Keshi pearls are each unique and very pretty indeed. Often set in the same way as the akoya pearls on a chain almost hanging in space, Keshi pearl earrings are sensational!

Whatever your preference of pearl, in size or shape, species or colour, at Aquarian Pearls we always advise you never to compromise on the lustre of your pearls. Lustrous pearl dangle earrings in all sizes and shapes and colours and styles will make a wonderful addition to your pearl jewelllery collection.