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Silver Pearl Drop Earrings

At Aquarian Pearls we have a wide range of pearl earrings.

This term ‘silver drop earrings’ can be referred to as sterling silver drop pearl earrings as well as silver coloured pearl drop.

In reference to Sterling silver, our silver drop earrings are set with drop shapes and oval shapes and we have also a range of circle drop pearls as well, featuring beautiful and very affordable circle south sea pearls.

The average size of our pearl drop earrings is 11 and 12 millimetres in diameter.

The styles of our silver drop pearl earrings set in sterling silver are shepherd hooks, lever backs, continental hooks, fixed hooks, studs, hoops, and huggie style.

As with all Aquarian Pearls earrings, our range of pearl earrings are meticulously sorted and matched for size, shape, colour, lustre, and quality of surface skin.

The higher the grade of complexion or skin the better the quality of the pearl and so we have chosen to only select the cleaner skinned pearls to set in our earrings.

The brighter the lustre, then the more nacreous and rich the coating of pearl aragonite crystals that is the make-up of a cultured pearl and the better the stunning lustre and reflective shine of the pearls we select for pairs of silver drop pearl earrings.

The more accurate the colour match then the greater the value and overall effect created in setting beautifully colour matched pearls in our silver drop pearl earrings.

The Australian pearl oyster used in pearl cultivation Pinctada Maxima produces silver coloured pearls as well as white pearls and occasionally cream and gold coloured pearls. The silver tones and colours of the Australian south sea pearls is silver often with a pink overtone, and can also be described as platinum or steel in colour. Being of this colour the silver drop pearl earrings are usually very bright as the colour is metallic and reflects light very strongly producing excellent shine and lustre.

Our Range of Drop Pearl Earrings in Sterling Silver

In our range of silver drop earrings we choose from the oval shapes and the drop shapes and the circle drop shapes. Mother Nature is very kind and generous and although the vast majority of beads implanted in oysters to cultivate pearls are round, the oysters still produce around 15 per cent of the pearls in round and oval shapes and another 10 to 15 per cent of the pearl with concentric circled lines around the pearl which we in the trade called Circle pearls and many of these are of a button or a drop or oval shape.

We use the silver coloured drop and oval and circled pairs to create our silver drop pearl earrings.

As a rule of thumb the further south the pearl farm is in Australia the more silver the colour of the pearls produced in the Pinctada Maxima shell although this is not always the case and oysters the world over produce pearls that do not conform to a general rule of thumb.

Shape matching is important too and we sometimes have to sort through one thousand pearls to find one pair of pearls that closely resembles each other in shape and size and colour and lustre and cleanliness of skin to create one pair of silver drop pearl earrings.

We also stock in our line of earrings a range of hand made sterling silver gold plated pearl earrings set in a shepherd hook style set with gemstones such as smoky quartz, chrysocolla, Peruvian opal and tourmalines.

Silver drop pearl earrings are a highly popular item, whether they are sterling silver set drop pearl earrings or silver coloured drop pearl earrings set in other metals than silver.