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Black Pearl Earrings

At Aquarian Pearls we have an extremely diverse range of black pearl earrings.

Our black pearl earrings are made up of matched pearls of Tahitian Pearls harvested from The Pinctada Margaritifera oyster in cultured pearl farms throughout the archipelago that makes up French Polynesia and The Cook Islands.

When choosing pearl earrings one must decide on the size, the shape, the secondary tone or colour, the lustre and the cleanliness of the skins of the Tahitian pearls.

The size of your choice of black pearl earrings is entirely up to you. The vast majority of black pearls are in the 9/10/11 millimetre diameter sizes. In a Tahitian black pearl harvest there can be pearls as small as 7 millimetres and as large as 18 millimetres but 90 percent of the total annual production ranges from 9-11 millimetres.

Regarding the shape of your earrings most popular are drops and rounds. Pearl earrings made with drop pearls can be called tear drops because of their beautiful, pointed tops and sometimes they are more oval in shape with a rounded top. Black pearl earrings that are round are very versatile and can be set as studs that sit simply and elegantly on your ear lobes. Various settings with diamonds, white gold or platinum and or coloured stones are also very popular. This is the case for both drop shape and round shape black pearl earrings.

In your pearl earrings there is nearly always a secondary colour or variety of colours and this is why Tahitian black pearl earrings are so very popular for not only are they black, but also they have diverse rainbow colours such as red, brown, purple, pistachio, green, blue, silver, peacock-green. These rainbow effects are called iridescence and adds to the allure and majesty and wonder of black pearls. In a matched pair pf black pearl earrings, matching the colour is very hard, as well as matching the size, shape, lustre and skin quality and so as a pearl dealer one delights in making pairs of matched black pearl earrings. One pays a premium for the matching in earrings and necklaces compared to single pieces of jewellery. Every pearl is unique but we do our best to make as close a match as possible in creating Aquarian Pearls sets of earrings

woman wearing black pearl earrings
woman modellingblack pearl jewellery

South Sea Black Pearl Earrings

Yellow Gold Stud Drop Tahitian Pearl Earrings
Tahitian studs

More About Black Pearls

Having selected pairs of pearl earrings for setting by size and shape and colour, we must not neglect lustre. Essentially, it is true to say that the brighter the black pearls lustre, then the thicker the nacre coating of pearl that surrounds the bead nucleus implanted into the oyster to commence the cultured pearl process. Aquarian Pearls staff love to work with the most lustrous highest quality pearls and this is evident in our selection and stock of black pearl earrings which are of diverse colours, shapes and sizes, but nearly always are of AA/AAA lustre, the highest grading of lustre in the pearl business. In selecting your pearl earrings, in fact all pearls of every description, never compromise on lustre!

Lastly is the question of skin quality, and when selecting your black pearl earrings, it is good to try for as clean or as near clean as possible though the lustre is much more important.

Innumerable politicians, actresses and members of royal families have been photographed through the years wearing black pearl earrings, notably Princess Diana, Liz Taylor, Angeline Jolie, Rhianna, Anne Hathaway, Keira Knightley, Kamala Harris, Megan Markle Duchess of Sussex, Sharon Stone, to name a few …

The setting of black pearl earrings seems to be very often with simple white gold, platinum or sterling silver. Occasionally too with yellow gold, and often accented with diamonds or coloured stones. There are no hard and fast rules in how you wear your earrings, so long as you select or are given pearls of beautiful colour and lustre and shape you will be delighted to wear them.

In the world of pearls, you will always stand out and appreciate owning a beautiful pair of black pearl earrings.