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Pearl And Diamond Earrings

At Aquarian Pearls we have an extensive range of pearl and diamond earrings which showcase our magnificent range of Tahitian black pearls, Australian white south sea pearls, Burmese cream and champagne and light golden coloured south sea pearls, Japanese Akoya cultured pearls of blue and white colours, and Philippine gold south sea pearls.

Diamonds are a perfect companion to pearls in earrings and there is an amazing variety of shapes, sizes and colours available when selecting a pair of diamond and pearl earrings.

In Tahitian pearl earrings, we offer the following shapes; drops, ovals, rounds, buttons, baroques and circle semi baroques. Colour is a personal choice and within the world of Tahitian pearls the colours are very varied from red, green, blue, pistachio, pink, purple, peacock green and silver. Like oil on water there is an absolute iridescence of colours at play within Tahitian pearls.

Set in gold and diamonds or platinum and diamonds, your pearl and diamond earrings are a spectacular addition to your jewellery collection. There are so many settings that are showcased by pearl diamond earrings such as post and friction backs, hoops, huggies, shepherd hooks, chandeliers, drops, dangles and studs.

When working with white Australian south sea pearls to create white south sea cultured pearl diamond earrings, we choose pearls matched by size, shape, lustre, tone of colour and cleanliness of skin. All these values are important in determining the quality of your pearl and diamond earrings. We also only use the higher grades of diamond colour and clarity in all our pearl and diamond earrings.

Our Pearl Diamond Earrings


As well as white Australian pearl and diamond earrings and black Tahitian pearl and diamond earrings, we at Aquarian Pearls have a wide range of gold pearl diamond earrings. These lustrous golden pearls are cultivated and farmed in the Philippines and in Burma though the Burmese pearls are often lighter in tone and more cream/champagne in colour than their Philippine sister pearls.

Gold pearl diamond earrings are most often set in 9, 14 or 18 carat gold and look magnificent as drops or dangles, plain studs or as clusters of golden Keshi as well. Perfect rounds surrounded by a halo of diamonds create a stunning look in a pair of gold diamond earrings.

When selecting your pearls we advise you never to compromise on lustre. The more the lustre the thicker the nacre coating of the pearl. Size and shape is a personal choice as is the colour of your pearls in your pearl diamond earrings.

The most exquisite pearl and diamond earrings David Norman of Aquarian Pearls has seen from times gone by are a magnificent natural pair of drop pearls set in diamonds which belonged to The Empress Eugenie, wife of Napoleon Bonaparte. These sold at auction for US $ 3.3 million in New York a few years ago. Many famous pearl lovers have been photographed in pearl and diamond earrings through the years, notably Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Michelle Obama, Sarah Jessica Parker, Coco Chanel, Princess Grace of Monaco, Princess Diana of Wales and Princess Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and of course Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the second. Australia’s former foreign minister Julie Bishop, and the current premiers of Australian states in 2021 are frequently seen in pearl and diamond earrings.

Pearl diamond earrings are a great addition to your jewellery wardrobe and whatever your choice or style or budget, we are sure to have something to suit you within our stocks at Aquarian Pearls.