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What Stones and Gems Work Best With Gold Pearl Jewellery

When it comes to jewellery, the fusion of gold and pearls creates an aesthetic of timeless elegance. While gold pearl jewellery possesses inherent charm, the art lies in pairing it with stones that enhance its beauty. Among the many gemstone options, sapphires stand out as exquisite companions, offering a luxurious touch to gold pearl pieces.

The beauty of our gold pearl jewellery

Golden coloured South Sea Pearls are cultivated in the Pinctada Maxima oyster principally in The Philippines, Indonesia. The colour ranges of Golden South Sea Pearls are a rich dark golden through to lighter medium gold through to a lemon, champagne, cream and white. Many of the pearls can then have overtones of rose and bronze to give them an almost metallic finish. The unique lustre of these pearls makes them perfect for combining with other gemstones to accentuate the colours found within the gold pearls.


Choosing the right gemstone

When choosing gemstones to pair with gold pearl jewellery, look for pieces where the jewels are arranged thoughtfully to highlight the pearls.

  • Sapphires: The warm, golden tones of pearls combine with the deep, velvety blues of sapphires to create a regal and elegant look.
  • Emerald: For a fresh and vibrant look, consider pairing gold pearls with rich emeralds. The green hues of emeralds beautifully complement the warm tones of gold, creating an eye-catching and harmonious combination.
  • Ruby: The rich, red tones of rubies enhance the warm tones of gold pearl jewellery. This combination creates a bold and captivating aesthetic, making it ideal for those who want to make a statement.


Styling tips for gemstones and gold pearl jewellery

Gold pearl jewellery combined with gemstones is elegant and sophisticated, making it well-suited for formal occasions and special events. A gold pearl necklace encrusted with gems can be the statement piece for an evening dress! However, while the combination of gemstones and gold pearls exudes evening elegance, don’t shy away from incorporating these gems into your daytime attire. A subtle sapphire and gold pearl pendant or a pair of stud earrings can add a touch of luxury to your work or casual outfits, seamlessly transitioning from day to night. If you’re a fan of layering, incorporate a gemstone necklace with gold pearl pieces in different lengths for a sophisticated and eye-catching effect that draws attention to your neckline.

Pearl gemstone necklaces

At Aquarian Pearls we have mastered the art of combining gemstones with pearls, and our gemstone necklaces with pearls are one of our best sellers! The Australian white south sea pearls look beautiful in the gemstone and pearl necklaces with the pinks and silver and blue tones in the white complimenting the colour ranges in gemstones. The pearl and gemstone necklace options are endless with rich and vibrant colours of gemstones and pearls that pick up the subtle hues in the Tahitian, Australian white and Pillippino gold south sea pearls.Try out several combinations to discover the ideal harmony that complements your personal style and lets the brilliance of your gold pearl jewellery shine.


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