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How To Style Pearls with Gold Jewellery

A personalised pearl necklace is undoubtedly a one-of-a-kind item of jewellery, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it with other items in your collection. Do you have trouble combining various metals and gemstones? If this is the case, here’s how to make the most of your jewellery collection and gold pieces!

Choose The Appropriate Tones

Pearls look elegant and sophisticated when styled with gold jewellery that seamlessly combines traditional elegance with a dash of contemporary flare. Achieving a balance between the two opulent aspects will ensure that each piece is enhanced and your overall style is complemented. One key consideration is the colour coordination between pearls and gold. Your pearl overtones will help you choose appropriate jewellery combinations. Yellow gold provides a lovely contrast when combined with white-overtone pearls, while silver or white gold with white-overtone pearls make for a simple and adaptable appearance. Yellow gold is usually always the ideal combination for pearls with golden undertones.


Gold Pearl Jewellery

Of course, if you want to combine pearls with gold, what better way than with the beautiful lustre of gold pearls. The colour ranges of Golden South Sea Pearls are a rich dark golden through to lighter medium gold through to a lemon, champagne, cream and white. Many of the pearls can then have overtones of rose and bronze to give them an almost metallic finish. These pearls can be adorned with a range of other gold pieces to create a cohesive, sophisticated and luxury appearance!

Layer Your Pieces

Necklaces are the perfect way to showcase the beautiful combination of pearls and gold jewellery. Whether you have a bold multi-layered pearl necklace or a simple single strand, these can be elevated with the simple touch of a gold pendant or simple statement necklace. This combination not only adds a touch of opulence but also creates a captivating texture that draws attention to the luminosity of the pearls. Similarly, layering pearl necklaces with gold in varying lengths can result in a chic, contemporary look.

Another way to pair these beautiful pieces is through simple gold earrings. A delicate yet eye-catching appearance can be achieved by matching petite gold drop earrings or simple pearl studs with gold hoops. Pearl drop earrings with exquisite gold accents would also create a beautiful statement that can tie into your other pearl accessories.

A delicate gold chain adorned with a single pearl charm exudes understated charm, while a statement piece featuring a mix of pearls and gold beads offers a more intricate and eye-catching option. The best part about this combination is they can be used together for both casual and formal events. It is important to take into account the event or setting’s formality while styling pearls with gold. For a formal evening occasion, a more intricate arrangement of layered necklaces and striking earrings would be more appropriate than a simple combination of a single pearl pendant with a delicate gold chain.

Whether you choose a bold and eclectic style or a classic and subtle design, the important thing is to create a harmonious balance that highlights the natural beauty of both gold and pearls.