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Pearl And Diamond Rings

A pearl and diamond ring is a large segment of our business at Aquarian Pearls and we spend a lot of time and energy and resources in the design, creation and manufacturing of our range of diamond and pearl rings.

Sales of rings are a very large part of the jewellery business and as a supplier of pearl jewellery to television shopping companies in Australia on TVSN and in The United States of America on Gem Shopping Network based in Atlanta, Georgia, we work hard to bring a very wide choice of pearl rings and pearl and diamond rings to our audiences within the world of television shopping. At home in our Sydney office, we also create, design and arrange the manufacture of pearl and diamond rings for our local business supplying retailers and for our internet business that supplies clients within Australia as well as overseas in Europe, Asia, and North America.

When creating a pearl and diamond ring, we first choose the pearl from our range of black Tahitian cultured south sea pearls, white Australian cultured south sea pearls, golden Philippine cultured south sea pearls, cream and champagne coloured Burmese cultured south sea pearls, Japanese Akoya cultured pearls and beautiful free formed keshi pearls.

Depending on the colour of the pearl we then choose the metal to work with in the creation of our pearl and diamond ring. We predominantly work with white or yellow gold in the following caratage; 9,14 or 18. 14 and 18 are most widely used in North America and 9 or 18 most widely used in Australia and 18 is most widely used in Europe. Platinum is a popular metal to work with as well.

We choose diamonds of high quality to be set into our pearl and diamond rings. A halo of diamonds is the perfect setting to show off the sheen and lustre and rich rainbow colours within our pearls and in creating a pearl and diamond ring it is fair to say that diamonds are a pearls best friend!

model wearing a pearl and diamond ring

Our Pearl & Diamond Rings

A typical ring size for a pearl and diamond ring is N (USA 6.75) but we create diamond and pearl rings from size M (USA 6.25 TO 10.25) to size U.

The average size pearl is a Japanese akoya ring is 6 millimetres, and the average size of a black Tahitian pearl and diamond ring is 10 millimetres. The average size of an Australian white pearl and diamond ring is 11 or 12 millimetres, and the average size of a Philippine gold pearl and diamond ring is 11 millimetres.

At Aquarian Pearls the largest pearl in a pearl and diamond ring we have manufactured and sold is 21 millimetres for an Australian white south sea pearl and diamond ring, and 20 millimetres for a Tahitian cultured pearl and diamond ring.

We have made Keshi pearl and diamond rings in a flower design in both white Australian keshi and using gold Philippine Keshi and Black Tahitian Keshi. Keshi is the bi-product of the cultured pearl business created entirely by Nature when the host oyster rejects the nucleus implanted within it to start off the culturing process but still making a pearl, a Keshi, that is all 100 percent nacre and is therefore very bright and pretty and lustrous. Keshi is a Japanese word for small thing or poppy seed, and the typical size of the Keshi pearls in a pearl and diamond ring is around 5 millimetres. We have hand crafted single Keshi pearl and diamond rings and we have created flower designs for Keshi pearl and diamond rings.

Occasionally we make a white pink Australian pearl and pink diamond ring using the pink diamonds from the Argyle mine. The pink colour in the diamonds make a magnificent contrast to the pinky iridescence of the beautiful Australian pearl and these blends of natural colours make for a magnificent statement piece of jewellery.

In selecting your pearl and diamond ring, the colour of the pearl and the colour of the gold in your ring is a personal matter. There is no better or worse colour, and the choice of metal whether 9 or 14 or 18 carat white or yellow gold or platinum is also a personal matter. We have also seen pearl and diamond rings fashioned in Titanium and with rubber or elasticated ring mounts. The important thing is to choose a pearl that is bright and lustrous and the more nacre coating of actual pearl then the brighter the lustre of the pearl in your pearl and diamond ring.

Diamonds are a great symbol of foreverness and longevity. Pearls are a great symbol of purity, higher consciousness, natural beauty, and majesty. Both diamonds and pearls have long been cherished and richly valued by royalty the world over and a diamond and pearl ring just like a diamond and pearl necklace is a magnificent way to own and cherish and wear a diamond and pearl combination.

Whatever your colour preference, your size preference and your budget, at Aquarian Pearls we can find you a diamond and pearl ring to suit you.