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Pearl Pendants

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South Sea Pearl Pendants

Each Pearl Pendant in our collection is designed to showcase the natural beauty of South Sea Pearls. Pearl Pendants are a simple and stylish accompaniment to any outfit. Our pendant range consists of simple styles through to colourful stones and diamond statement pieces. Check out our most popular piece, the black pearl pendant.

Our pendants are made with various gold, diamonds and sterling silver settings allowing you to wear amazing, high quality South Sea or Tahitian Pearls on different styles, and at various price points. Some pendant styles are an enhancer, this style opens with a clip at the back of the pendant, allowing you to clip the pendant onto various chain or necklace widths.

We have a range of pearl pendant necklaces, consisting of a variety of cultured pearl types, shapes and sizes set on a wide range of gemstone beaded necklaces. The green, reds, blues, pinks and sapphires of the Tahitian pearls look great arranged in our Tahitian pearl pendants.

The most used shape in our pendants and enhancers are tear dropped or oval shapes. We are so very fortunate that Nature gives us these shapes quite naturally, ideal for the creation of magnificent jewellery pieces, like our gold pearl pendant.