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Pearl Pendant Necklaces

Pearl pendant necklaces are a beautiful statement piece of jewellery centering around a magnificent single pearl. At Aquarian pearls we manufacture in house many differing types of pearl pendant necklace to suit our clients varying tastes and demands.

Pearl pendant necklaces often utilises a single pearl setting of silver or gold or a combination of gold and diamonds, or a combination of gold and coloured gemstones. A pearl necklace can also be manufactured as an enhancer which is another way of wearing a pearl that is set with gold or silver or gold and diamonds and the fitting clips open to fit over the know of a necklace of strung pearls or slips over a gold or silver chain.

At Aquarian Pearls we have created a range of enhancers sitting on gemstone strands of corresponding colours creating an harmonious effect of the nuances of colour that appears in pearls and in the gemstones and these make for a beautiful pearl pendant necklace.

In creating a pearl pendant necklace the most usual shape of pearl to use is drop shaped or oval shaped and fortunately Nature gives us all manner of shapes in the cultured and natural pearl processes. Around 10 to 15 per cent of a pearl harvest comes out egg or oval or tear drop shaped and these fit neatly into custom fit and designed settings to hold the pearl in place and enable them to be placed on a chain or another necklace to create an exquisite pearl pendant necklace.

Our Pearl Pendant Necklaces

Our most popular pearl pendant necklace is the single set drop or oval pearl pendant. Simply set in gold or platinum or silver this most usually is of drop shape but we also use baroques the more free form shapes and also rounds and off rounds. In creating a pearl pendant necklace there are no hard and fast rules and each pearl is unique just as each pearl client is unique and everyone has different tastes but the right pearl usually finds the right owner almost by magic, Aquarian Pearls’ owner David Norman often says the pearl calls out to or sings to its prospective owner almost saying …pick me pick me! This is certainly the case with regards to size and shape and colour and lustre. And especially the case with regards to Aquarian Pearls range of pearl pendant necklaces.

In our gemstone and pearl range, we use the finest hand carved gemstone strands of sapphires, morganites, aquamarines, emeralds, tourmalines, amethysts, rubies and we team up by matching colours with the pearl pendant and pearl enhancer and the gemstones. So the magnificent greens and blues and reds and peacock tones of the Tahitians can be mixed with different combinations and coloured sapphires and tourmalines. The pinky whites of Australia can be matched with Morganites, all creating beautiful pearl pendant necklaces.

When selecting a pearl pendant necklace, we at Aquarian Pearls often advise our clients to select the size and shape and colour they are drawn to but never compromise on the lustre of the pearl. A bright shiny beautifully coloured pearl pendant necklace is a magnificent item to own and a compliment to any jewellery collection.