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Black Pearl Pendants

Tahitian cultured black pearl pendants are a wonderful addition to a jewellery collection, and a speciality in our range of Tahitian pearl jewellery at Aquarian Pearls.

Most usually a drop or oval shape, or a round shaped Tahtian cultured pearl, set in gold or platinum and diamonds or coloured gemstones, these black pearl pendants are full of colour and life. Circle or circled Tahitian pearls in drop shapes are also very popular when set as a Tahitian pearl pendant. Occasionally, we produce Tahitian pearl pendants with large baroque free form Tahitian pearls and we also use Keshi pearls in creating our Tahitian pearl pendants. Keshi is the free form all nacre non nucleated pearls that are a bi product of the culturing process. The Keshi is pearl the oyster produces after rejecting its nucleus but continuing to grow a pearl anyway and make very unique and individual Tahitian pearl pendants.

Noted for their rainbow irridescence, the Tahitian cultured pearl comes straight from Mother Nature in a variety of colours reflecting their host oyster creator whose Latin species name is Pinctada Margeritifera. The oysters shells themselves when polished are irridescent and reflect a bright array of rainbow colours as do their lustrous pearls.

Greens, reds, pinks and purples, sea green, peacock green, silver, platinum, white, blue, pistachio, aubergine, red, brown. All these colours can be found in a Tahtiian black pearl pendant so there is always a wide choice.

The average size of all the collected Tahitian black pearl harvests ranges between 8 to 11 millimetres in diameter.

Tahitian black pearl pendants have been created utilising pearls as big as 15 to 20 millimetres though these are exceedingly rare these days. Nowadays with reduced numbers of oysters producing Tahitian black pearls, even 12 or 13 millimetres in diameter is considered above average size.

Aquarian Pearl’s Black Pearl Pendants

Green sapphire and tahitian pearl necklace

More About Our Pendants

In selecting your Tahitian pearl pendant we at Aquarian Pearls advise you to select a pearl whose colour you fall in love with. Size is a personal matter as is shape, but we are very passionate about advising you to select a Tahitian pearl pendant with high lustre! The more pearl nacre coating your Tahitian pearl pendant has, then the brighter it will be.

Tahitian cultured pearls grow around a nucleus implanted into a host oyster which deposits concentric layers of nacre to cover the nucleus implanted within its shell and this is the culturing process. The shape, size, colour and lustre of your Tahitian pearl pendant is entirely up to the host oyster and there is very little human involvement except to keep th oysters clean so they can open easily and feed on the nutrients within the sea water they inhabit.

At Aquarian Pearls we have a wide range of Tahtiian pearl pendants, and also Tahitian pearl enhancers. The difference between a Tahitian pearl pendant and a Tahitian pearl enhancer is the setting of the pearl. A typical Tahitian pearl pendant has a bail attached to the Tahitian Pearl that does not open. It can be worn on a chain which fits through the inside of the bail. A Tahitian pearl pendant can be articulated or rigid. A Tahitian pearl enhancer differs from a Tahitian pearl pendant in that the bail is hinged and can open up so that the wearer can use the enhancer on a variety of chains and necklaces and pearl strands over the knots.

Whatever your choice of Tahitian Pearl pendant, we have a very large range to choose from set in sterling silver, 9 and 18 carat gold, and some with diamonds.