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Why Pearl Earrings are the Perfect Bridal Statement Piece

There can be significant pressure on your wedding day to choose bridal jewellery that compliments your garments well but also provides the perfect statement piece. Pearls are often used in bridal looks as they are both timeless and elegant. Whether you’re looking for a simple accessory or looking for pieces that tie in perfectly with your white wedding dress, pearls are the perfect choice. Pearl jewellery is a traditional choice for brides as they represent innocence, purity and grace. They are perfect for your wedding day as they are thought to provide peace, confidence and calmness to the wearer. Aquarian Pearls have a range of sophisticated and elegant pearl earrings, necklaces and accessories that would effortlessly go with a variety of wedding designs.

Understated but Elegant…

One factor that has drawn people to pearls over the years is their unique origin. Unlike other gemstones they are uniquely harvested from Australia’s coastlines to create the finest jewellery. While their colour can vary from light blush colour to rich iridescent tones, pearls can offer both the subtle, understated look and elegance of other gemstones. Australian pearls have been crafted into jewellery that has adorned several of the best known members of the world’s Royal families and pearls have been synonymous with style and elegance and Grace for centuries. This is all a part of their appeal that makes them seem even more luxurious. Whether you’re wearing a traditional gown, or something more modern, an elegant pair of pearl earrings can compliment your look perfectly.

Bridal Pearl Pieces

There is something so delightfully beautiful about pearls, from delicate necklaces to chic pearl earrings and rings. At Aquarian Pearls we have an extensive range of pearl jewellery for your special day.

Pearl Earrings

Pearl earrings are extremely versatile which makes them the perfect wedding day combination, whether they are accentuated with silver, gold or diamond they are perfect for emphasising the design of your look. Colour, size, shape, skin, lustre are the five most important factors in the choice of your pearl earrings and at Aquarian Pearls we never compromise on the lustre of the pearls or the skin quality, but we leave the size, and shape and colour of your bridal pearl earring up to you!

Topaz, Diamond and South Sea Pearl Stud Earrings

Pearl Drop Earrings

Pearl drop earrings are perfect for your wedding day as they are the perfect statement without stealing the show. Their unique size and colour allows them to flawlessly accent the brides beauty and individuality. Whether they are matched with silver or gold, pearls wont take away from other elements of the bridal look such as the dress or most importantly, the bride’s facial features.

Large Oval South Sea Pearls on 18 carat Yellow Gold Hooks

Pearl Stud Earrings

Pearl studs are a simple and stylish accompaniment to any outfit. Our pearl studs are an absolute classic and undoubtedly a must have pair of earrings in your bridal pearl earring collection. The best part about pearl stud earrings is that they can be worn for years to come so you can remember your special day with unique pieces as a part of your everyday collection.

Diamond & Pearl Floral Earrings

No matter your desired look for your special wedding day, pearls are a sophisticated and elegant way to accessorise. Shop the finest bridal pearl jewellery designs with Aquarian Pearls.