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Pearls of Wisdom Series

On our Aquarian Pearls YouTube channel we are running a series of interviews entitled, Pearls of Wisdom in which  David Norman, Managing Director of Aquarian Pearls interviews notable leaders within the Jewellery world exploring their love of pearls and their journeys within the jewellery business.

The interviews began as a way of staying connected during Australia’s COVID lockdowns in which the whole world seemed to learn to zoom. The interviews then evolved into an interesting, getting to know you series which is fascinating and very interesting.

Under normal circumstances everyone would meet up at Trade Fairs notably at Las Vegas each June, in Hong Kong each March and September and at other fairs such as Basel, Tucson, New York, Masterpiece London, Vicenza and Bangkok.

We love to ask interviewees where they grew up, what they studied, what led them to the jewellery business, what they love about pearls. If a designer, perhaps who their mentors and influencers were and are, who they admire within the jewellery world. If they run an important organization like CIBJO or The GIA or the American Cultured Pearl Association what their organization does and who it represents and what services it offers. If a pearl farmer, how they entered into pearl farming, and what special challenges there are in their world.

Interviewees include Susan Jacques, Global CEO of the Gemmological Institute of America, Dr Gaetano Cavalieri, President of CIBJO, Designer Jewellers Jan Logan, Elizabeth Blair, Margot McKinney, Pearl Cultivators and Afficionados Bill Reed, Will Hanigan, Robert Wan of Tahiti Perles, Jacques Brannelec Sr and Jr of Jewelmer Inc, Jeremy Shepherd of Pearl Paradise, and Justin Hunter of J Hunter Fiji, Fran Mastoloni CEO of Frank Mastoloni and Sons Inc, Andy Muller, CEO of Hinata Trading Co of Kobe, Japan and a great mentor of David Norman. From the world of television shopping we have interviewed  Steve Bennett, founder and owner of Gemporia UK ltd, Judy Deuchar, CEO of Australian network TVSN, and Kurt Schneider lead pearl expert of America’s Gem Shopping Network.

It is fascinating to discover each individual’s journey from school, from college, through different businesses and experiences to their life in the pearls and gems businesses. We are all so very fortunate to be involved in something we absolutely love and make our livings in this way.

There is discussion of pearls in each interview some more so than others, and we have done our best to show and highlight all the different parts of the business . The series is only half way at the moment and there are many more interesting interviews to come, but meanwhile we all thank you for your interest and for watching these Aquarian Pearls YouTube interviews.