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Pearls of Wisdom : Mark Tremonti

Mark has always been a “rock-hound” so in the early eighties, at 23 years of age and in need of work, travelled to the sapphire fields of Queensland closely followed by the Black Opal fields of Lightning Ridge. There he learnt to mine, identify, cut, treat, grade the rough sapphire that he obtained and to develop his true talent and passion for Australian Opal.

Success in selling locally instigated the need for expanded markets. So in 1985, with the encouragement of Austrade to send Australian gems to the world, he established an office in Hatton Garden, London. The business then known as Tremonti Mclauchlan Gemstone Traders focused on selling large volume calibrated gems along with high end jewels and collectables in the UK, Germany, France and Switzerland. He also established a lapidary in Sri Lanka, which is still in partnership today.

European economics in 1989 made Mark refocus and move his trade toward Asia and America. Mark was the first to supply Black Opal to the Japan market under his own invoice, many then followed his process. In conjunction with the British Jewellery and Giftware Association, Mark assisted in establishing the first gemstone trade shows and missions to Taiwan and Japan.

Throughout the early nineties, while living and trading in Japan for most of each year he opened an office in New York to develop his connection with coloured diamond and to educate the Americans on the beauty and value of coloured gems.

Mark became well known as an exhibitor in the many trade shows of the era, particularly Basel. He is one of the founding exhibitors at Tucson and is still there every year. Through these shows, his vast travels and his media persona, “Mark T the Opal Hunter”, he has gem friends, fans and lifelong associates all over the world.

In 1994 he became a member of the ICA and was made Australian Director in 1996 at the Brazilian ICA Congress.

Mark has again been voted into the ICA Directorship for Australia last year.

The lure of home saw Mark move back to Australia in the mid-nineties to open his office in the Dymocks Building, Sydney and “settle” down to have a family. Today, Tremac Pty Ltd still buys and processes rough opal, sapphire and rare coloured gems. Supplying and selling calibrated to collectibles on the world market.

He is an expert in opal and sapphire and holds a deep knowledge of coloured diamonds having been involved with Argyle since its discovery.

Tremac has branched out into coloured gemstone jewellery manufacture and retail, always focused on best quality.

Mark now lives back home in Albury, regional Australia.

Mark has drawn his daughter and brother into the business giving them, along with all those he associates with, the “love of colour”.

By the way, in case you didn’t know, he also loves steak and red wine and karaoke!!