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Matahina Pearls 15th Anniversary on TVSN

Aquarian Pearls founder and fifth generation pearl expert David Norman has traded with TVSN under the brand name Matahina Pearls for fifteen years this March of 2022.

There is a straightforward and easy going understanding and relationship between Aquarian Pearls and TVSN management and staff that has enabled Matahina Pearls to become a leader in the TVSN stable of fine jewellery brands.

Aquarian Pearls principle business is supplying high end retail stores and David Norman also sells throughout the United States on the Gem Shopping Network based in Duluth, in the Peach State of Georgia.

Birthday celebrations on TVSN for Matahina Pearls will include free shipping for all clients across the board and the shows will take place in Sydney from Saturday morning of 12th March through to the Wednesday night of 16th March.

We shall showcase a magnificent range of Australian and Tahitian and Philippine , and Burmese South sea cultured pearls as well as Japanese Akoya pearls – all set in gold or platinum as rings , bracelets , necklaces , earrings and pendants.

We are very grateful for our partnership with TVSN and the way it has showcased our pearls of the highest quality all over Australia and New Zealand.

Television shopping is a wonderful safe way to purchase jewellery. There is a money back guarantee should the client not like the item for any reasons so long as it is returned intact within the agreed terms of time. This gives the TVSN client time to inspect and ponder and try on the jewellery with different outfits and styles and no pressure to decide overly quickly.

We guarantee that the pearl jewellery on any Matahina Pearls show will be of the highest quality as graded and chosen for it strength of colour, high luster., excellent matching, skin cleanliness and overall composition and manufacture.

We are delighted to have work so seamlessly well with TVSN these past fifteen years and look forward to the next fifteen !

Profound thanks to all who have purchased Matahina Pearls or watched the Matahina Pearls shows on TVSN over the years. It is entirely due to the kindness and enthusiasm and loyalty of TVSN viewers that we have been able to flourish and grow the business over the years.