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Matahina Pearls

Aquarian pearls has been in relationship with TVSN for 16 years since 2007 selling under the brand name Matahina Pearls.

TVSN is Australia and New Zealands only direct to consumer live television shopping network specializing in Jewellery, Fashion, and Beauty products and homewares.

Aquarian Pearls loves doing business with TVSN and supplying pearls exclusively to be sold and marketed as Matahina Pearls.

Matahina Pearls & TVSN

The majority of the business is conducted through live TVSN shows and also through buy anytime e commerce internet sales. 

The TVSN customer is very sophisticated and knowledgeable and over the years through live audience shows and emails sent in during shows by clients, Matahina Pearls has developed into a more and more sophisticated range, specializing under Kate Vivas and David Norman’s guidance into a greater range of diamonds and pearls, coloured stones and pearls, utilizing Multi coloured sapphires, tourmalines, ruby, emerald, opal, topaz, turquoise, spinel, aquamarine, heliador, tanzanite, zircon and amethyst, rose quartz and citrine. Set in 18ct yellow and white gold Platinum and sterling silver.

Matahina Pearls mission is to supply TVSN with highest quality pearls at the best possible price and to offer TVSN clients through live tv shows and on the TVSN internet site pearls in all manner of categories.

Matahina Pearls Range

The Matahina Pearls range of pearls for TVSN contains pearl necklaces, pearl pendants, pearl enhancers, pearl earrings, pearl rings and pearl bracelets.

The range of Matahina Pearls jewellery contains classical timeless pieces as well modern avant garde pieces to suit every client.

Matahina Pearls supplies TVSN with Australian white south sea pearls, Tahitian Black cultured pearls, Philippine and Burmese golden and champagne colored south sea pearls, and Japanese akoya cultured pearls.

Our designer Kate Vivas and our Managing Director David Norman combine their talents to bring the best selection of Matahina Pearls jewelry to TVSN customers.

Kate Vivas isa Master Jeweller and gemmologist who has worked in the pearl business for thirty years since 1993.

David Norman is a fifth generation pearl expert, who entered the pearl business on leaving school with a two year apprenticeship in Japan commencing 41 years ago from the date of this article, in 1982.

David Norman founded Aquarian Pearls in 1986. David Norman loves the TVSN business model in which there is so much live on air interaction between the tv presenter host, the guest, in Matahina Pearls case, David Norman himself, and the tv audience who communicate with calls and emails that are read out so questions can be answered live on air. The successful partnership of David Norman and TVSN and Aquarian Pearls supplying Matahina Pearls and the retail trade in general has been in existence since 16 years and is strong and ever changing.