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How to Pair Pearl Earrings with Pearl Necklaces

For every woman’s jewellery collection, pearl jewellery is a timeless and classic choice. Pearls can be incorporated into any outfit in a variety of ways, from traditional pearl necklaces to chic pearl statement earrings. The art of styling many pearl pieces enables the creation of a rich and luxurious combination. The secret to pulling this look together is knowing how to balance, layer, and integrate elements together. Here’s our tips on how to perfect the pearl earring and necklace combination for any occasion!

A Strand of mixed South Sea Pearl, Golden, White and Tahitian. The pearls are a circle-drop shape and are graduated in size from 10-12mm, with a skin grade 2 and a AAA luster. The strand is knotted and strung to the length of 50 cm, with a sterling silver bean clasp.

Layer Your Pieces

Styling pearl earrings with pearl necklaces is an art that combines elegance and sophistication. The secret to pulling off a finished appearance is knowing the subtleties of layering and choosing pearls that go well together. Whether you’re dressing for a formal occasion or just adding a little extra elegance to your regular outfit, knowing how to combine pearl earrings with necklaces will take your style to new levels.

Take into account the length of the necklace and the pearl earrings when layering. For a base that is traditional and adaptable, start with a timeless pair of pearl stud earrings. These tiny, spherical pearls are the ideal base for layering and provide a delicate hint of sophistication. Choose a short pearl necklace that falls just below the collarbone to get a well-balanced look. This arrangement enables the necklace and earrings to play off one another harmoniously, highlighting the neck and tastefully framing the face.


Combine Different Sizes and Shapes!

Playing around with different kinds of pearls gives your ensemble more dimension and texture. If you’re looking for a combination that is unique and will stand out, combine freshwater pearls with a string of traditional pearls to ensure a pleasing contrast. This striking combination highlights the variety found in the world of pearls and adds visual appeal. On the other hand, pair traditional pearl necklaces with simple pearl earrings for a cohesive and minimalistic look. This is great if you want to add a simple touch of elegance to your outfit!

Don’t be scared to mix and match different styles while layering pearl necklaces. Your overall design will gain depth and intricacy by experimenting with different lengths and sizes of pearls inside the necklace layers.


Mix and Match Pearls

For a more contemporary twist, mix and match pearl varieties. Pairing classic white South Sea pearl earrings with black Tahitian pearls in a layered necklace creates a striking monochromatic look that exudes sophistication. The contrast in colour and size adds a modern edge to the traditional pearl ensemble, making a bold yet refined statement. To maintain a cohesive theme, ensure that the undertones of the pearls match, creating a seamless transition between the earrings and the necklace.

By understanding the basics, experimenting with different styles, and complementing your outfit, you can create a stunning and personalised look that showcases the timeless beauty of pearls. Whether you’re dressing up for a special occasion or adding a touch of elegance to your everyday attire, the artful combination of pearl earrings and necklaces is a beautiful way to make a lasting impression.