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South Sea Pearl Earrings

South Sea Pearl Earrings – also known as Broome Pearl Earrings and Australian South Sea Pearl Earrings are an essential item in a pearl jewellery collection featuring wholly Australian pearls and gemstones.

At Aquarian Pearls we have a large variety of Pearl Earrings. Broome is Australia’s most famous pearling port situated on the far North West coast of Australia. South Sea Pearls are commonly referred to as Broome Pearls as this is the location in Australia where these Pearls are farmed. Broome is famous for cable beach and Broome pearl jewellery retail stores in Dampier Terrace and throughout the town of Broome, sunset camel rides, glorious sunsets, courthouse markets, multicultural heritage and a whole lot more!!!

Made famous at the turn of the century by the craze for natural pearls, pearling masters and their crews operated from pearling luggers and sent courageous hard hat divers down to the ocean floor to collect the prized oyster Pinctada Maxima for their shells and occasional natural pearls that fetched fortunes in the markets overseas.

When choosing a pair of South Sea Pearl earrings there are certain key criteria to be decided on. Size, shape, lustre, colour and cleanliness of skin with regards to the South Sea pearls, and then the setting whether it be in gold, silver, platinum, stud, shepherd hook, dangle, diamond encrusted or coloured stone or more simple a setting.

So many choices in your Pearl earrings!

Our South Sea Broome Pearl Earrings


Size varies from between 9 to 20 millimetres and the average size of Broome south sea pearls is around 12.5 to 13 millimetres – a perfect size for earrings.

Shape – South Sea Pearl Earrings can be round, near round, drop, oval, flatter button, circle button, circle drop, semi baroque and baroque – a wide variety of choice there.

Colour – The Pinctada Maxima shell yields a cultured south sea pearl harvest that is white in colour, or silver in colour, occasionally yellow, cream or golden in colour, often with pink overtones.

Skin quality – on the whole most South Sea Pearl and Broome Pearl Earrings will have a clean face as this is the most popular and most sought after.

Lustre – of all the virtues of South Sea Pearl Earrings lustre is the one never to compromise on – the more nacre coating on your Broome Pearl earrings the more lustre will shine forth!

Aquarian Pearls sell South Sea Pearl Earrings though television shows in Australia as Matahina Pearls on the TVSN network and in America on the Gem Shopping Network and we work closely with the Gemporia UK television stations as well.

South Sea Pearl Earrings have been made famous being worn by royalty the world over, by the luminaries of the entertainment world, on red carpets and in fashion shows, by jewellery and fashion designers, by the leading jewellery houses and brands of the world.

Whatever your choice of South Sea Pearl Earring or Broome Pearl earrings, these beautiful pearls will be a complement to your beauty, your individuality and self expression and will radiate with positive energy and feminine softness.