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Sapphire Necklaces

Sapphire necklaces set with pearls are a popular versatile item and always popular with our customers at Aquarian Pearls.

Tip Drilled Sapphire Bead Necklace with South Sea Pearl Enhancer
Green sapphire and tahitian pearl necklace

Sapphire necklaces are composed of sapphires from the corundum family of gemstones and their varying colours are due to the presence of their trace elements including titanium, iron, vanadium, magnesium and chromium.

The word sapphire comes from the Greek word Sapheiros, and the Latin word Saphirus both translating as blue.

A sapphire necklace can come in a variety of colours. Our top sellers are blue sapphire necklaces and pink sapphire necklaces. Other colours Aquarian Pearls sells are green sapphires, yellow sapphires, purple sapphires, orange sapphires and violet sapphires. There are also colour change sapphires which show off different colours in different lighting. There are also star sapphires usually cabochon in shape and set in rings. At Aquarian Pearls we use predominantly uniform colour sapphire necklaces to match with our pearls.

These diverse colours within the world of sapphires are available for jewellers to work with, and when combined with the rainbow iridescence of pearls, where all the colours can he seen, clearly visible at play on the surface nacre of Australian, Tahitian, Indonesian, Burmese and Philippine south sea pearls, create a wonderful partnership of gemstone and pearl and each brings out the colours and tones within the other, especially the case when a pink sapphire necklace is teamed up with an Australian pearl or multiple pearls with strong pink overtones which occur naturally.

A sapphire necklace when combined with some Aquarian pearls makes a great statement piece of jewellery.

No surprise therefore as to the popularity of a sapphire necklace combined with pearls, one of our best sellers both on TV selling, and in our Sydney showroom and on our internet pages at Aquarian Pearls.

Sapphires are mined and polished and cut throughout the world. Kashmir in India, and Sri Lanka (Ceylon as it was formerly knows as) are the most famous regions to be linked with the supply of sapphires but these other countries also are where sapphires are found. Within the continent of Africa in the following countries; Cameroon, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique, Madagascar, Malawi, Nigeria and Rwanda.

Within Asia and Australasia, Aquamarines are mined in india, Vietnam, China, Afghanistan, Australia, Pakistan, and Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia, Thailand, and Laos.

In the The United States of America sapphires are found in Montana and in South America in Colombia.

So your Sapphire necklace might have originated in one of these various countries.

pink sapphire south sea pearl necklace enhancer
Carved Sapphire Beads & South Sea Pearl Necklace

Pearl Sapphire Necklaces

Aquarian Pearls favour purchasing our sapphire necklaces to accompany our Aquarian Pearls creations from our favoured and preferred cutter and polisher and sapphire necklace maker who is based in Jaipur, India. When valuing and appraising sapphire necklaces, we take the following criteria into account; size, cut, colour, clarity.

Aquarian Pearls jeweller, Kate Vivas often creates magnificent pearl enhancers to be attached with a magnificent vibrant sapphire necklace. The sapphire necklace can then be worn on its own as a signature style statement, or with the enhancer attached. Since the enhancer has a hinge that easily snaps open and shut, the enhancer can be placed over the knot of the sapphire necklace, or worn on another necklace composed of pearls or on a simple gold chain.

The colours found in sapphires yield wonderful possibilities for pairing pearls with sapphire necklaces.
As mentioned before, a favourite is the pink sapphire necklace teamed up with pinky white Australian south sea cultured pearls.

Tahitian cultured pearls rich array of natural colours also make a magnificent combination especially the blues, the green, the pistachio, the violet and the peacock coloured pearls that contrast so well with sapphire necklaces of similar colours.

With regards to the spiritual and healing and transformative powers innate in gemstones, it is believed that wearing a sapphire necklace can bring out inner wisdom, enhanced concentration, focus and purity of thought, and clarity of thinking and calmness as well as being thought to be a shield against negativity and depression.

A sapphire necklace is a perfect gift for those born in September since the sapphire is the birthstone of that month.

A sapphire necklace necklace can be composed of facetted beads or individual polished crystals strung and knotted and displayed for sale with an enhancer bale and pearl or with a few pearls spaced equidistantly at stations situated on the sapphire necklace.

Aquarian Pearls also sells a selection of pearl and sapphire earrings and sapphire and pearl pendants to match with and accompany a pearl and sapphire necklace.

Pearls and sapphires make such a beautiful marriage of style and substance, and we sincerely wish that you will be delighted with your Aquarian Pearls sapphire necklace set with pearls.