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The Morandi. Beryl and South Sea Pearl Elastic Bracelet

AUD $200.00

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Product Description

One 12-13 millimeter Australian South Sea Cultured Pearl, Circle Shape on an elastic bracelet with 10 millimeter round, smooth polished Beryl stone beads

All Bracelets are made to the size of 19 cm. Please contact us if you would like a different size.

The bracelet you receive may differ slightly from the image due to the nature of the natural products used.

Beryl is a mineral  that includes several gemstone varieties, including aquamarine and morganite.  Beryl mineral is usually found in pegmatite deposits and can occur in a variety of colors, including blue, green, yellow, pink, and white. The beryl gemstone colors are influenced by the presence of certain impurities and trace elements within the crystal structure.

Beryl is said to help with physical and emotional healing, and can also be used to improve mental clarity and focus.

Beryl and South Sea White Pearl: A Fusion of Clarity and Purity

The captivating blend of beryl and South Sea white pearl symbolizes a harmonious union of clarity and purity.

Beryl, revered for its vibrant hues and renowned healing properties, enhances mental clarity and focus.

South Sea white pearl, with its unparalleled luster and serene beauty, embodies purity and elegance.

Together, this duo creates a powerful symbol of emotional healing, inner clarity, and elevated spirit. Embrace the fusion of beryl and South Sea white pearl to enrich your journey with meaning, inspiration, and timeless sophistication.

The name and design concept “The Morandi” is inspired by the Italian painter Giorgio Morandi, known for his subtle use of colour and meticulous attention to detail. Morandi’s ability to create profound beauty from simplicity reflects the essence of this elegant combination.

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