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The Emerald Angel. African Jade and South Sea Pearl Elastic Bracelet

AUD $200.00

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Product Description

One 12-13 millimeter Australian South Sea Cultured Pearl, Circle Shape on an elastic bracelet with 10 millimeter round, smooth polished African Jade stone beads

All Bracelets are made to the size of 19 cm. Please contact us if you would like a different size.

The bracelet you receive may differ slightly from the image due to the nature of the natural products used.

The Harmony Bracelets – Emerald Angel

Let’s welcome the newest member of the beloved Harmony Bracelets collection – The Emerald Angel.

This exquisite piece features a stunning 12-13mm Australian South Sea cultured pearl (circle shape) set against 10mm round, smoothly polished African jade gemstone beads. The elastic design ensures a comfortable fit, while the unique properties of African jade offer protection and positivity.

African Jade (Buddstone)

African jade, also known as Buddstone, is a green metamorphic rock primarily found in South Africa. It is often used in jewellery and ornamental objects due to its attractive green colour and durability. The name “Buddstone” is derived from the region where it was first identified.


For many admirers, African jade is believed to bring success, positivity, and love. It is also said to strengthen relationships and protect from harm. These qualities inspired the name “The Emerald Angel.”


Spice Up Your Winter Look

Enhance your winter style with The Emerald Angel bracelet.

The combination of vibrant African jade and elegant Australian South Sea cultured pearl creates a harmonious blend of natural beauty and sophistication. The white pearl lustre paired with the green hue of African jade forms a perfect colour combination, adding a touch of liveliness to your winter wardrobe. Make The Emerald Angel a unique and meaningful addition to your collection.



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