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Opal Necklaces

Aquarian Pearls supplies the trade and consumer market with a wide variety of pearl necklaces, some of them with a combination of gemstones and pearls, and amongst these gemstone pearl necklaces, opal necklaces and opal and pearl necklaces make for exciting flashes of colour and each necklace is as unique as the pearls they accompany.

Getting technical for theoment, Opal is type of silica that occurs in rock formations within combinations of sandstone, basalt, rhyolite and limonite, and several other rocks.

Like pearls opals are a marvellous example of iridescence, the magical natural play of rainbow colours simultaneously occurring within an opal or within and outside some pearls, so an opal necklace can have literally hundreds of tones and shades of colour all flashing brilliantly as the wearer sports their opal necklace.

opal necklace

An opal necklace is often multicolored

Some of the colours visible within an opal necklace are green, blue, red, white, yellow, brown, black, purple, pink, cream, and orange. 

Sourcing opals for an opal necklace can be from various countries but the main locations for opal are Australia, ETHIOPIA, MEXICO, north and South America.

At Aquarian Pearls one of our favourite combinations is of an Ethiopian or Australian opal necklace with a colourful pearl set as an enhancer of gold or platinum or occasionally silver with a hinge to open and close it so that the enhancer can open and be clipped on to or over the knot of a pearl necklace or sit comfortably on an opal necklace.

Opal necklaces pair so nicely with colourful Tahitian pearls which also come in a selection of naturally occurring colours such as blue, pistachio, green, black, red, brown, silver.

An opal necklace also pairs nicely with a bright beautiful Australian pearl that is white or silver with shades and tones of pink or green or both. They also pair nicely with a golden or cream coloured pearl or strand of pearls from the Phillipines or Indonesia or Burma.

Many clients want their jewellery to be unique and really for pure uniqueness an opal necklace is unrepeatable or rather uncopyable because of all the different flashes of colour. Almost every colour of the visible spectrum of colours can be expressed within an opal and in its surface visible to the naked eye on an opal necklace.

An opal necklace can also be created from a single opal converted into an opal enhancer that can be worn over another necklace or a pearl necklace or a gold chain.

The variation of colour is so magnificent there are endless opportunities to be expressed in an opal necklace for jewellery designers worldwide.

Opal is the birthstone of October so for all you Libra’s out there an opal necklace could be just right for you and whatever your choice or combination of opal and pearls or just opal alone, we at Aquarian Pearls wish you well to wear it!