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David Norman on the cover of the TVSN Shopper’s Guide

Thank you to TVSN for showcasing David as the Pearl Expert on the front cover of the latest TVSN Shopper’s Guide.

We are very proud to be part of the TVSN home shopping network, and are very fortunate to produce the Matahina Pearl brand exclusively for TVSN customers.

Dedicated to bringing to the market the finest pearls we can find:  judged by their luster , depth of colour, cleanliness of skin and matching, and recognizing that each pearl is unique It is our pleasure and passion to serve our home shopping clients around the globe with good energy and great enthusiasm.

Aquarian Pearls based in Sydney, Australia and supplies the world jewellery market with south sea cultured pearls, cultivated in Australia, Japan, Tahiti/French Polynesia, the Philippines, Myanmar ( Burma ), and Indonesia.

For five generations, the Norman family have held strong relationships with the world’s premiere retailers. and as the methods of shopping modernize,  we have strengthened our presence and relationship over the past decade within the world of TV shopping, a preciously unrecognized market to us. We are delighted to feature on the following TV shopping networks;

In The UK we enjoy a special relationship with Gemporia Ltd based near Stratford on Avon.

In The United States we are the sole pearl supplier and vendor partner to The Gem Shopping Network of Duluth ( near Atlanta ) in Georgia since 2014

In Australia and New Zealand we are the premier supplier to TVSN Shopping Channel based in Sydney.

AT the TVSN Shopping Channel Australia, we have been a vendor and show guest for eleven years since late 2008 . Our TVSN brand is Matahina Pearls.

Matahina translates from the Tahitian/Polynesian language as the, happy tears of the moon Goddess Hina . In Mythology, Hina is a Polynesian and Hawaiian moon goddess who is considered so beautiful that no one can directly look at her. She felt compassion for the islanders, so she threw pieces of the moon down to the islands to provide for their material needs. The pieces turned into Banyan trees  , which the Islanders pounded into tapas cloth for use in clothing and commerce.

The whole TVSN Matahina Pearls line is created by our in house designer, and Master jeweller Kate Vivas, who has assisted  in growing the Matahina brand from a small start in 2008 to one of TVSN’s major jewellery brands now in 2020.

Says David Norman ...”I love working with TVSN , the buyer, the presenters, the studio staff, the call center, everyone involved is full of enthusiasm and their “can do” positive energy. The clients are fantastic and have supported Matahina Pearls as a brand continually and consistently throughout our eleven and a half years of working together .

The interaction in live shows through dialing into the studio and all the emails are fabulous and invigorating and i love hearing all the wonderful feedback of how much Matahina Pearls clients are enjoying their pearl purchases”

We are very selective with the quality that goes into TVSN Matahina Pearls jewellery and as well as sorting through and picking out the finest, cleanest, strongest coloured most lustrous south sea pearls, Kate, our designer, selects top quality gemstones purchased principally in Jaipur to complement the pearls, with clasps for strands from Italy, Japan and Germany  and pearl fittings hand made here in Australia and also i ported from Europe , America and Asia.

TVSN tirelessly promotes Matahina Pearls and we join together in supporting charities behind the scenes as well as on air and this is another delightful way to give back something to the community that supports us .

The TVSN shopping experience is enhanced by the professional and talented team of TVSN presenters. They are are extremely knowledgeable and enhance the shopping experience.

So please join us on TVSN which broadcasts live from 8;30 am Eastern Standard Australian time until 9:30 pm each day and then repeats the shows through the night . The call centre is open 24/7. We are extremely fortunate to be part of the TVSN Shopping c]Channel Australia


TVSN clients who purchase Matahina Pearls and any other products receive the unconditional right to return within a stated period and then if the client wishes to keep their purchase and not return it , every item comes with a monthly payment plan option  . This is such a simple way to purchase on a sale or return basis , and gives clients ample time to consider their purchase .

TVSN front cover
Front cover of TVSN shoppers guide