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Black Pearl Rings

At Aquarian Pearls, a large portion of our business is pearl rings, especially black pearl rings.

Black pearl rings for the most part are set in gold or platinum and occasionally in silver. When manufacturing our pearl rings we use Tahitian pearls. These lustrous Tahitian cultured pearls are cultivated in pinctada margeritifera oysters most commonly known as black lipped pearl oysters and in huge quantities native to French Polynesia whose main island is Tahiti.

The colour of these Tahitian pearls is black but they have also iridescent layers of second colours such as could be called tones or hues, therefore within the world of black pearl rings it is often necessary to ask for a more specific colour such as reds, browns, greens, blues, peacock combination of red and green, pistachio, silver, platinum, grey, metallic green and purple.

When creating pearl rings, we at Aquarian Pearls choose clean skinned, perfectly round pearls for the most part and we always want our black pearl rings to be completely clean wherever possible. A black pearl ring is perfectly complimented with a halo of diamonds or a spray of diamonds paraphrasing Marilynne Monroe’s song, we could sing diamonds are a pearls best friend!

The colours within black pearl rings are a perfect example of rainbow iridescence. The word iridescence essentially can be used for the quality of changing colours when viewing an object like a soap bubble or a black pearl ring from different angles. The rainbow of colours seems so alive. Pearlescence is another word for this play of light but usually refers to the play of white light that occurs around white pearls. At Aquarian pearls we do use these words pearlescence and iridescence frequently to describe the wondrous nature and colour of the pearls we trade in and it is no surprise that these characteristics make our black pearl rings so highly sought after, popular and versatile.

Looking for a Black Pearl Ring?

Tahitian Pearl Ring
Tahitian Pearl Ring with diamonds and white gold
South Sea and Tahitian Pearl Ring

When selecting what size pearl to use in our range of black pearl rings, we typically use 10 and 11 millimetre Tahitian black pearls. The average size of the total harvest of Tahitian black pearls is 9 and 10 millimetres. Sizes used to be more prolific above 12 millimetres and it is only in recent years that Tahitian pearl farmers have concentrated on harvesting their pearls after a year hence the average sizes have dropped over the years. When a farmer leaves the oysters underwater for two years a larger pearl averaging 12 or 13 or 14 millimetres will form and although these are still available in the world pearl market they are certainly more rare these days. Therefore if you own a black pearl ring with a pearl bigger than 14 millimetres it has probably gone up in value over the past year.

The Cook Islands also has a successful black pearl fishery utilising Pinctada Margeritifera oysters and we have used some smaller sized black pearls from the Cook Islands of 8 and 9 millimetres with vivid green colours to make some exquisite smaller sized black pearl rings with beautiful iridescence.

The largest of all the black pearl rings that Aquarian Pearls has ever made and sold has been a magnificent 20 millimetre specimen which sold on TVSN Shopping Channel, under our brand Matahina Pearls in our early days at the television shopping network.

In our business in America, principally selling on Gem Shopping Network, seventy percent of the pearl business is in Tahitian or black pearls and of this business more than half is in the category of pearl rings so within Aquarian Pearls we have grown our range and experience in the pearl ring business. We have learnt that we literally must stock every size and every colour available in the spectrum of black pearl rings as one never knows what a client will choose and since every pearl is unique just as the client who selects that pearl, so the wider variety of pearl rings the better.

A black pearl ring is a magnificent statement piece of jewellery. Whatever your preference in size and secondary colour or hue or tone within the black pearl, these gorgeous gems from Tahiti and French Polynesia are farmed for their beauty and rarity and are everlasting symbols of romance, royalty, elegance, style and abundance.