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Amethyst Necklace

Amethyst necklaces set with pearls are a perennial favourite with our customers at Aquarian Pearls.

Amethyst is in the quartz family, a majestic purple to violet colour and an amethyst necklace pairs up well with lustrous pearls.

The dancing iridescence of pearls, the rainbow of colours one can see clearly visible to the naked eye at play on the surface nacre of Australian, Tahitian, Indonesian, Burmese and Philippine south sea pearls pairs up with gemstones so very well and this is very evident in the many pink and violet and purple colours.

An amethyst necklace would be a perfect present for anyone born in the month of february since amethyst is the birthstone of people born in that month, under the rising sign of Aquarius and Pisces in the zodiac.

The amethyst in your necklace can come from a variety of geographical locations, and most commonly amethysts are mined throughout Brazil and throughout South America, but also your amethyst necklace might have originated in Africa, Spain, Russia, Mexico, South Korea and The United States, principally in Arizona and Georgia, but also in other states.

They have also been found dating back to ancient Egypt and also in Roman artefacts that survived the past few thousand years.

Adherents to the powers innate in gemstones believe that wearing an amethyst necklace can offer protection to the wearer, increased exposure to healing vibrations, and attune the soul to the frequency of unconditional love.

Amethyst And Pearl Necklaces 

Typically at Aquarian Pearls, we offer for sale an amethyst necklace with an enhancer pearl that opens and closes over the knots between the amethysts and snaps into place on a hinge. The pearls selected to be set into place as an enhancer to accompany the amethyst necklace must have strong colour definition especially with pink and purple overtones.

The Tahitian pearls have the most colours within their skins or layers of nacre and so pair up beautifully when combined with an amethyst necklace.

The purples and pinks and violets and aubergine colours match up so well with the amethysts with their royal purple colours.

When we come across strong pink or purple overtones in Burmese or Australian or Indonesian south sea cultured pearls we often try to match them in an amethyst necklace.

They can be just facetted beads strung and knotted and displayed for sale with an enhancer bale and pearl. The can sldo be all amethysts set in rose gold or white gold or yellow gold and interlinked with south sea cultured pearls every four or five links in the gold and amethyst necklace.

An amethyst necklace does not have to be set with gold and we can offer a silver set option if required.

An amethyst necklace is relatively inexpensive compared to an aquamarine or sapphire necklace but still for your money when choosing to buy, because you will get a really good look for your money and will be resplendent in your newly acquired necklace.

Pearls and gemstones are a magical combination, one bringing out the best qualities in the other, and you will not be disappointed, we hope, with your amethyst necklace set with pearls or a single pearl and purchased from our office or online store.becaue