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Black Pearl Necklaces

At Aquarian Pearls we love a beautiful black pearl necklace!

What qualities make up black pearl necklaces? Depth of colour, shape, size, lustre and cleanliness of surface skin are all virtues used to describe a black pearl necklace.

Tahiti and French Polynesia are the principle suppliers of the Tahitian cultured south sea pearls used to create and make up a black pearl necklace and these pearls also are cultivated in the Cook Islands, Fiji and Mexico. The shell used in the cultivation of pearls to go into a black pearl necklace are named Pinctada Margiritafera.

According to the list of pearl virtues and qualities previously described let us discuss creating a black pearl necklace. Firstly size – if creating a graduated black pearl necklace by size it is best to select the centre pearl first and the match this pearl by colour and shape and lustre from the largest pearl in the centre down to the smallest pearls tapering off at the end of the necklace that is married to the clasp. Black pearls worldwide average size is 9 millimetres and sizes start around 7 millimetres in diameter a d can be cultivated as large as 21 millimetres but the vast majority of the pearl harvests are 9 and 10 millimetres. Hence the majority of the graduated black pearl necklace available in the world pearl market are 9-11 millimetres or thereabouts.

Uniform size black pearl necklaces are also very popular and are mostly available in sizes like 9 and 10 millimetres. When creating a uniform size black pearl necklace we choose pearls of the same grade of shape and lustre and colour and cleanliness of skin.

About Our Black Pearl Necklaces

Secondly, having decided on the size of the black pearl necklace we are creating, we choose the shape. Most popular is round or near round shaped black pearls but there is also a wide variety of choice in creating a black pearl necklace with oval or drop shaped Tahitian black pearls, or semi baroque or baroque shapes which are also very popular and very reasonably priced are circled black pearl necklaces. The circle shaped Tahitian black pearl has circular concentric rings around it formed most likely while the host oyster is twisting and swaying around in its basket home at the pearl farms . Perhaps the nucleus within the host oyster is moving around and the nacre formed and laid down by the host oyster creates these circle lines. Circle shaped black pearls come in round shapes and drop shapes and semi baroque shapes and are very popular in the creation of black pearl jewellery and black pearl necklaces.

Next we must decide on the colour of our black pearl necklace. Although we call the black pearls from Polynesia black they are really many colours of the rainbow and Mother Nature gives us pearls of the following tones and colours ….Blue, Green, Pistachio, Peacock, Red, Purple, Platinum, White, Silver, Aubergine or eggplant and Pink.

One of the most popular of the black pearl necklaces we put together and sell at Aquarian Pearls are the multicoloured black pearl necklaces.

In these black pearl necklaces we are doing our utmost to show off and display the contrast of the colours and they are a wondrous item. Uniform or single colour necklaces can take two to five years to complete saving and rearranging the black pearl necklace as and when we receive new black pearls from the farmers we deal with. A straight colour black pearl necklace in all pistachio black Tahitian pearls or all dark metallic shiny green colours or rarest of rare in blue coloured pearls is an amazingly beautiful piece of jewellery. A cherry red coloured strand or aubergine coloured black pearl necklace is amazing too.

There is the whole spectrum of colour within the world of the black pearl necklace!

So as you can see there is endless variety in these black pearl necklaces but one in particular will call out to you and resonate with you have your name on it so to speak!

Having decided on colour and shape and size of a black pearl necklace, we now come to lustre and at Aquarian Pearls we insist on working only with pearls of the highest lustre. The more lustrous the black pearl necklace the greater the nacre thickness of the pearls as more lustre is synonymous with more nacre and this is an aspect or virtue or quality of black pearl necklaces that we advise you not to compromise on!

Lastly in creating and selecting a black pearl necklace we cone to cleanliness of skin. This is the quality that most affects the price of your pearl necklace as the cleaner the pearl the higher the price and the difference between the cleanest pearls and the most spotted is ten to twenty times.

Personally, David Norman, principle of Aquarian Pearls, would sacrifice a little on cleanliness of skin before sacrificing on lustre and colour when it comes to buying a black pearl necklace since in wear it is the colour and most of all the lustre that will be the principle qualities attracting awe and admiration

We sincerely hope we have demystified and simplified understanding and choosing a black pearl-and wish you all happiness and success in choosing and selecting one for yourself.