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Aquamarine Necklaces

Aquamarine necklaces set with pearls are always in demand with our customers at Aquarian Pearls.

Aquamarines necklaces are from the Beryl family of gemstones. Your aquamarine necklace is going to be predominantly blue or green in colour.

Aquamarine necklaces were favoured in Roman times to prevent sickness and The Romans believed that by wearing an aquamarine necklace, a traveller on a sea voyage, would enjoy protection from pirates and natural disasters and protection from sickness.

An Aquamarine necklace when combined with Aquarian pearls pearl stock makes a great statement . No surprise therefore as to the popularity of an aquamarine necklace combined with pearls, one of our best sellers both on tv selling, and in our Sydney showroom and on our internet pages at Aquarian Pearls. The most popular Aquamarine necklaces are our aquamarine and silver-white Australian south sea pearl mix necklaces with a single large south sea pearl as an enhancer on the centre of the Aquamarine necklace. The pure light blue colour of an Aquamarine necklace suits most skin tones so can be worn with confidence by many of our customers, making it one of our most popular gem stones. It marries beautifully with white, silver white and silver-blue Australian south sea pearls and can be designed with silver blue Tahitian pearls into a Aquamarine necklace.

Aquamarines are mined and polished predominantly in Brazil in the Minas Gerais province whose capital is Belo Horizonte.
Africa and Asia are also a considerable source for Aquamarines, notably Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique, Madagascar, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria and Zimbabwe in Africa. Within Asia and Australasia, Aquamarines are mined and polished in China, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Australia, Pakistan, and Myanmar (Burma). Russia and The United States of America are also a source for Aquamarines.

So your Aquamarine necklace might have been mined in one of these various countries but at Aquarian Pearls we favour purchasing our Aquamarines to accompany our Aquarian Pearls in Aquamarine necklaces from our favoured and preferred supplier in Jaipur, India who purchases the vast majority of his Aquamarine necklace stock from the Santa Ana mine in Brazil. This mine produces the finest quality Aquamarine in the world.

Aquamarine Pearl Necklaces

Hand Carved Aquamarine & South Sea Pearl Necklace

Aquarian Pearls jeweller, Kate Vivas often creates magnificent pearl enhancers set with a vivid blue aquamarine necklace of facetted beads. The aquamarine necklace can then be worn on its own as a signature style statement, or with the enhancer attached. Since the enhancer has a hinge that easily snaps open and shut, the enhancer can be placed over the knot of the aquamarine necklace, or worn on another necklace composed of pearls or on a simple gold chain.

With regards to the spiritual and healing and transformative powers innate in gemstones, it is believed that wearing an aquamarine necklace can bring out clarity of thinking, peace of mind, Serenity, Tranquility, Vitality, and Hope and gives protection to the wearer.

An aquamarine necklace is a perfect gift for those born in March since the aquamarine is the birthstones of that month.

Tahitian pearls with iridescent nacreous colours of blue and green in the layers of nacre pair up beautifully when combined with an aquamarine necklace. Cultivated in the Pinctada Margeritafera oyster throughout French Polynesia and the Cook Islands, Tahitian pearls make excellent companions to Aquamarine necklaces with all their wondrous colours of purples and pinks and violets and aubergine and green and blue.

Australian pearls cultivated in the Pinctada Maxima oyster in the aquamarine waters of North Western Australia also make wonderful companions and contrasts when paired up and presented with an aquamarine necklace.

The word aquamarine is so strongly connected to the colour blue, the water, the oceanic life and Nature that in many ways a pearl and an aquamarine necklace is a fabulous connection for the wearer to the ocean and the sea.

An aquamarine necklace can be composed of facetted beads or individual polished crystals strung and knotted and displayed for sale with an enhancer bale and pearl.

Aquarian Pearls also has now and then, aquamarine pearl earrings and aquamarine pearl pendants as well as or to match with a pearl and aquamarine necklace.

Pearls and aquamarine gemstones make such a beautiful combination, and we hope that you will be delighted with your Aquarian Pearls aquamarine necklace set with pearls.

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