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The Purple Mist. Tourmaline Lepidolite and South Sea Pearl Elastic Bracelet

AUD $200.00

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Product Description

One 12-13 millimeter Australian South Sea Cultured Pearl, Circle Shape on an elastic bracelet with 10 millimeter round, tumble polished finish Tourmaline Lepidolite stone beads

All Bracelets are made to the size of 19 cm. Please contact us if you would like a different size.

The bracelet you receive may differ slightly from the image due to the nature of the natural products used.

Design Concept

The Harmony series chooses Tourmaline Lepidolite stone beads for their rich colours, unique lustre, and delicate texture. The colours are soft and layered, with purple tones giving a sense of nobility and mystery. Enthusiasts of Tourmaline Lepidolite say it can help dispel negative emotions and aid in emotional healing. The stone exhibits different light and shadow effects under various lighting conditions.


Designer’s Note for Aquarian Pearls “Purple Mist” Bracelet

We hope the “Purple Mist” bracelet can perfectly combine the colourful and shimmering Tourmaline Lepidolite stone with the elegant purity of Australian South Sea White Pearls. This bracelet is not only beautiful and fashionable but also adds a touch of mysterious and noble purple charm to the Aussie autumn and winter outfits.



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